We Want Success (part two)

An old post. Pt.2



Therefore, A Lincoln is made by adverse conditions, poverty. But a Alcoholic can be made by persistant beatings, sexual abuse, with the admonitions that you will always be a pile of manure. For that matter, a substance abuser, a self debilitating person, a emotional invalid, etc., etc.,……

Because their idea of what love is, got twisted, and so they perpetuate a counterpart of a role play, to keep the fiction alive that it isn’t that they were not loved, but that they fulfill all the qualifications of the “role assignation”. In essence: “I’m that thing”, or “I’m bad”. Role play.

But you see, here comes the paradox…..

They are successes. They have succeeded in what it is they need to succeed in. They identify with value by role play upkeep. Get it?

They too however don’t feel fulfilled. And there is a reason for this.

As long as we…

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