A Face Book Post; “Crying”

this could have used some polishing but I think you can find your way through some of the confusion I wove (yes I did). It is an old Facebook post which I brought over to WordPress. Enjoy.



No not right now. But whenever some one would give me a gift, a present, that was all I would do as I contemplated opening that gift. Weird huh, right…..
My kids would wait for that first tear, a unopened present on my lap.
Several things here. I seldom got gifts. Presents.
And number two; Perfection was a little god in my house growing up.
And ridicule, hiding insecurities and fear behind jokes, inappropriate jokes, fun a lying fun was the thing, the lie we hid behind. If you couldn’t take a joke; You were too proud. Who said so?
Christ taught me Grace. Self acceptance, to relax, to breathe. It was this ingrained familial taught little god of perfection which chased me, plunged me into the gang life, made me excel at school though at the same time, diminished my capacity to…

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