C/P’d today 2017 old post

A short-short, it is.


(Old Post) Duality Revisited

Short short and sweet. Just a intro to the subject to get your interest going. Just ten lines. This is a C/P post, the system would not allow a reblog. Tantalizing. Thought provoker.

Duality; What is it? How to use it….

If I say to you; “I don’t love you.”
Chances are, I do.
If I say to you; “I’m not trying to rob you.”
Chances are, I am.
If I tell you; “I don’t want to ever see you again.”
Chances are, I lied.
If I say; “I’m saying this for your own good.”
There is a likelihood, I say it for my own good.

It is up to your own discernment. You can feel it out….



    • Honest, no one has ever told me that. They have told me other things. I have wisdom, I provoke thought, etc.. As a matter of fact, I have a book (small book, about 20,000 words) unfinished in Nookpress. It’s been there for about five years. I started the book in 1989 (on paper). The one in Nookpress, I go back to once a year and just refuse to finish it. It’s weird. But really if you like that on Duality (one of my most beloved subjects, you might want to try digging up a series (unfinished) on Investment I have because it has a similar flavor to this. I also have a lot of works in my archives on Duality. And I have incorporated Investment into other human analytical endeavors. But seriously, I am enjoying you guys looking into some of these things. If you wish some URL’s say the word. But be careful cause there might be at least 10 pieces. You can read them at your own pace.

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      • You are certainly deserving Miguel of praise and we believe in faith God is looking at you with joy in His heart knowing you are seeking after Him with all your heart. Its just our small opinion but we believe you should take that book out, blow off the dust and continue on. With the book I am writing I do just this. I’m creating bits and pieces each chance I get. I believe I’ll reach 100 years old so I might as well write a bit each day and it’ll be done. Why wait until I’m 90, lol. We will be digging into your archives to read them. Are they available on your site history?

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      • And not sure what you mean because I am computer illiterate. So if you notice I don’t have widgets in my blog because I don’t know how to operate stuff like that. But I do see the people dig up stuff in my blog but I don’t know how they do it to be honest with you. I have a WordPress dashboard which I can utilize to look up Old Post but I don’t know if that’s accessible to the people that visit my blog. And thanks for the advice on the book I really appreciate it. And thanks for the comments on worthy of Praise Etc..

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    • Oh yes, Tom, meant to tell you I have been working on a post about Duality, which I don’t know yet which way I will jump relative to the subject (left or right). So this one upcoming ( don’t know when) should be interesting.

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