When We Were Young…..

So old, it had already been reblogged, had to C/P in order to put it before your presence.


When We Were Young…..

Urged by our circumstances, we scanned the skies often.
We yearned for something to descend from those skies, to embrace us and take us away from all our disappointments. All of the turmoil which we never asked, or bargained for.
But nothing emerged from those skies. Nothing.
We blamed the powers that be for not answering our call.
On our terms. We thought it had to be on our terms.
If there is no valuable substance in the reserve, we cannot print paper to be used for buying.
The paper represents what is in the reserve.
We have no power of supplication if we don’t possess the Spirit of God.
On His terms. On His terms.
And if we had His Spirit we would pray on His terms.
Just like the neighbor we never talk to, we need to get to know and understand God.
The Bible is that book which tells the part of the story we don’t know.
It began before the Cross.
How can we explain the Cross and not talk about our father Adam. Not talk about God’s disappointment, His investment trashed when Adam disobeyed. People assume they know enough about the fall of man.
No. It instead is like a fairy tale to them.
But just look at the cavity within me, which the Holy Spirit Christ made available upon the Cross, has filled. Wow, my oh my….
That cavity is no fairy tale.
Look at all the dark roads, and avenues of despair it dragged me through. My oh my, not a fairy tale experience at all.
What’s more, it was that same cavity, years ere I met Christ, which prompted me to look up at the night sky with such yearning.

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