Finally, I found one old post which I can trigger the reblog. Don’t have to C/P it.
I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for being here.


There are many belief systems in life which we sleep on. Leave it to me to point out the obvious to the point (repetition) of obtaining a new perspective (????).

I hope…..

Well, is it not true, consider the structure about which the path you walk through (I speak of a real structure, physical), this path could be around a College grounds, about a Museum grounds, meandering even upon the grounds of an Amusement Park. Universal Studios Florida…..

Your mind is saying; “We’re doing this for the kids, they will remember this. Gee, I’m pooped tired, can’t wait to eat, get back to the hotel, look at that luscious, sexy woman/man etc..”

Walking, walking, following the pathways, get to the correct exhibit, ride, etc….

Years before you ever stepped on those pathways some dude along with other people sat around drafting tables and designed the meanderings of those paths. To…

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