The Duality In Self

Another old post. This one as can be deduced from the title, on Duality.


First off, we have concluded in many posts that Duality is very important, useful on the road to self knowledge. The pro and the con, good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, attractive and the unattractive, detracting or adding to a thing (concept, theme, etc..).

We are so constructed that we weigh a thing, a matter. We are assessors. In fact it is this faculty which leads some to become perfectionists. Yet this attribute (is it?) began in that fairy tale place (is it?), the Garden of Eden.

It began when we first started in Eve to weigh, assess all that the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil would afford us. Duality ruled here in this event. Good and Evil, positive and negative. The woman gave the man to eat of the fruit, bringing about his disobedience. “Naturally” was by God’s Spirit back then. As in…

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