Prepare Ye: “Let Us Venture Forth And Slay Us Some Giants.”

Was it the sling?

Was it the stone?

No, no, no…

None of these.

Rather it was: Experience, learning and his faith in the sling and the stone. 

So come now, let us go forth and kill some giants.

  1. Experience: Can be harrowing. Tried, yes, tried. Which means anxiety rising to the fore. Flooding us, crippling us. Frozen somewhat, yet the mind is alert, working ceaselessly. Untiring. Giving no surcease, no quarter. And all this provoked by a trying circumstance. You’ve killed both the Lion and the Bear, yes. All in the line of duty, while tending the sheep. Forget thee not this event. Don’t sleep on it.
  2. Learning: A Yo Gabba Gabba moment! Ah, break it down… God outfits us with tools and they tend (logically) to run and complete the circle. The sling will bring to remembrance the trial, anxiety flooding as we were faced with the Lion and the Bear. Responsibility. An obligation to Father and Family: Tend the Sheep. The stone too caused us to relive that trying moment. Anxiety. Tools. However… Though the present simply put before us the trial the floods of anxiety were accomplished with the aid of our undeniable state innate and the association of our minds. You see, without the presence of the Void within, the mind cannot tabulate the external threat. Resources. Tools God has outfitted us with. That we should not sleep on our need of repurchase. Redemption. The presence of the Void is there within. Our Voided State: proof that we were once indwelt with His Life. This is the cause of all Anxiety, of the presence of Fear in us to merely bring to mind, remembrance our need of God. 
  3. Faith: Elicited when we, while utilizing the mind, can collate the accumulation of these facts. Yes, our Experience in this life (trying events) with our reactions, properties affected, brought to bear. Do you not see that we have our slings and stones that we might face the Giant Philistine? What countenance does it effect? Overbearing, yes, insurmountable, perhaps? Is a loved one afflicted with Cancer? Does the whole situation appear hopeless? What then will be our resource? Have not experience and learning equipped us with Knowledge? One such knowledge that we have a resource, a place of refuge. Yes, oh yes, Experience and Learning have brought us closer to God. Have indeed produced Faith. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++=============

Life is a process: Oh yes it is…

If nothing else at all take this: Perspective! Yes, perspective. Relevance, priorities extant. Irrefutable.

what am I saying?

All the imperfections we are assailed with such as diseases, aberrations, etc., actually make the loud and explosive statement (never mind the so-called “science”) that the Biblical account of the Fall of man is true. 

In this life, we are equipped with imperfection. We, being a fallen creation are Spirit of God bereft. As sons of a fallen creation, we inherit the Adamic destitution. Not God’s intent. No…

Can you not see! The presence of the Second Adam from above necessitated. His calling? Milling about with the fallen creation that Identification is provided for the fallen creation. Oi, there is a message here, methinks. God went out of His way to provide.

A provision was supplied for our return home to the Father. Put it (trials) into perspective. In this way, the room is made for the Power of Faith. 

Out of the miry clay.

Romans 5:3-4 KJV

And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; And patience, experience; and experience, hope:
A loved one at the gate of death does not need us blubbering, beaten down. No. We should offer hope to such a one. 
This experience Primordial requires our faith in it. We might start with the story, yes, a negative one but one, in order to remove mountains must first admit the size of it, breadth and weight. 
Then move on from there.
Then scoop down low, retrieve the tools for the job before us. Share the story. It tells of a Fallen Creation, but it does not end there. No, it does not end with the Cancer but moves on from there.
Prepare ye: Let us venture forth and slay us some Giants…
Note: This was inspired by Selma Sifi for whom the love of her life is afflicted with Cancer.
Thanks for joining me with this sharing.

I can be reached at;, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Facebook.


4 thoughts on “Prepare Ye: “Let Us Venture Forth And Slay Us Some Giants.”

  1. Yes life is a process and a serious one with consequences for all we do. We like how you note He equips us with the tools. Gosh it has taken a long time to find some of those tools and start using them. I guess pride got in the way of asking Him to show me them and how to use them. It all works for the good though because He’s showing us now. All centering on as you state, Faith.

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    1. I was a long route for me. I am 66 now will be 67 Dec 30th. My road has not only been circuitous but objects come crashing into me nilly willy as it pleases custom and tradition to attempt to confound me. A long route. The Spirit is the only thing which can aid the mind in putting all into perspective. I have had to discard many dreams. Dug a hole in the road and camped.

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      1. We can relate… a long road. But hey we did it Miguel and we continue walking the road like Saul on the road to Damascus. Now we look forward to Him taking hold of us for His use and doing the miracle Saul to Paul miracle. Sometimes we gotta stay in that hole until He says get up and walk.

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      2. Yes, true that hole was analogical for resistance for refusing to continue the march of the dead but instead find learning, making sense of the madness. But yes, not wanting to take anything away from that experience (its yield) “I serve”. Thank you

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