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[ˈin(t)əɡrəl, inˈteɡrəl]


necessary to make a whole complete; essential or fundamental:

“games are an integral part of the school’s curriculum” ·

“systematic training should be integral to library management”

synonyms: essential · fundamental · basic · intrinsic · inherent ·

constitutive · innate · structural · vital · necessary · requisite

The premise in life is “There is something missing”. So we busy ourselves inventing out of all the choices life presents to us, with a precision adopted, what we, for the moment, think that missing thing to be.

Sadly a great deal of time is wasted in life because along with every one of those presumed things comes the vesturing of “A Drama”. A specific Drama. An attachment of drama.

IE; A cycle including some elements of drama, as in sacrifice, investment, work, rejection, etc., etc..

Yes, it is undeniable, irrefutable, that lots of  folk don’t come into this position, this vulnerability of sensing a lack.

Not consciously.

IE Not with a conscious sense of incompleteness.

Yet they are driven, nonetheless from this drive source; IE a lack. A absence within. The nurture provided for such individuals supplied a temporal state of mind which came with an attached Certainty. A solid base for continuance. However, the foundation (of lack) sits within and will inevitably surface with the advent of Crisis, Trauma, Shock, disappointment on a large scale, that is when they will meet and “Say hello to my liddle frend”; The Void within.

Perfection, the hard taskmaster…

This it is which drives us, lures us to make Void Connections. Because Perfection attempts to belie the truth within. We want to please all those Criteria which we put value upon. We pose, we represent, and in doing so, it is that we fight old battles. Old battles, because one day (in the past, infancy), when we did not understand these things which I lay upon your table, it was then that quite harshly, rudely, the Void within was invoked. Whatever the circumstances then which we held as stable, as a common equation for our psyche, were then ceremoniously shattered, spit upon and danced upon, even mocked and laughed at, and so the Void was invoked.

So it is that life’s circumstances send us out on a mission to fight those old Battles.

How do we fight it?

We fight it with our being.

We expend our self in investments, quarrels, disputes, issues, ideals, and these things magically transform into figments of value.

Our body also has something to say about the Void’s invocation….

Anxiety, debilitation, incapacitation, self disablement, Panic Attacks, yes, our body gives voice to the trauma of the Void Connections made early in life. When we might have been conflicted, perplexed, emotionally and mentally limited in dialog. It, these manifestations (of the Psyche and Body), are merely “communications”. And the Void within is a warning intuited, testifying to the innate designation due to the absence of the life of God.

It is owing to its intuited state, by negative external occurrences, that it owns us, manages our darkness.

Drama is our scapegoat. Our dragon to slay. Validating us. Casting a spell upon us which attempts to blot out the truth.

Attempting to fill the Void with ideas of what, preferences of, interpretations of what “value” is, that we might contradict and silence the Void which Intuitively and in a more realistic and  truer voice hails us with; a resounding “Hahahahaha”. 

Integral to our peace.

Yes, integral to our being is the reinstatement of the Life of God, forfeited in Adam our Father. We inherit the Void as a reminder, a truth which will not be silenced with substitutes. Integral to our satisfaction, to fulfillment’s completion is the Life of God. Integral to our sanity is the repurchase by God our Creator instituted upon the Cross of Calvary.

If you have never heard the Gospel told in this light, good for you. Welcome. I apologize for a lack in ability of telling this message.

At any rate; It is knowledge which expands the target upon which we hurl our precious Faith.

Jesus is the Answer. If you need some help with this use the contact info below. Much love, sincerely; MAO

I can be reached: at kingrat1397@gmail.com. Also on Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo (of Huachuca City, Az.

Or you can contact these fine folk: Rev. Angel L. Oquendo of Pembroke Pines, Fl. Ministerio Apg, and

Rev. Bob Schembre of Missouri, and both these gents are on Facebook.


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