We Settle For Role Play

I suppose I have a theme this morning. On Role Play. This continues it. Again there are some things I am tempted to rewrite, but it is best I don’t. Leave it raw.


Yes, we settle.

We settle for “Role Play”. Unfortunately, in most life situations, we settle for learned, indoctrinated behavior.

Of course we do this, due to security. Identification with rewarded behavior. Comfort Zones, Value Zones identified with. But by settling, we stymie not only self, but those we come in contact with. Especially we should be concerned if we don’t lead the ones we have affection for, out of this fog.

Varied are the ways that this featured phenomenon transpires. We shall examine some, hopefully, employing correct and proper illustrations. Pray for me, this is not easy to cover.

My first night at the Belleview Men’s Shelter in Manhattan, NYC.

The population there is comprised of 85% released from prison inmates. Me, I was just homeless. Wish I could relate in this account what transpired between me and the Landlord who only wanted me out to enable her to redecorate and…

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