Putting Faith And Deliverance Into Perspective

An old post. One somewhat of an inspiration. A message. Enjoy.


This is what we strongly require in our lives from God. This is the key to happiness in life. Learning to put Faith and Deliverance into Perspective.

I said learning. Yes learning, for it is a ongoing discipleship. Purposefully, and with the intent of enriching our lives this cycle will progress, it does not relent, as the Devil does not relent. Every situation changes. Every situation requires more enlightenment. We grow, and just as we grow in the knowledge of God, so does the corruption accumulate in our Psyche. So does the fat accumulate in our complacency.

And so Perspective becomes poor, obscured by many occurrences and circumstances. And so the constant awareness, the need for soberness arises continually, the need for vigilance arises. Now mark you, mark you, I don’t speak of perfection, I don’t speak of bondage, no, for our bond service is one of delight, of singing…

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