Do You Understand the Difference?!

This is a very caring post. One where the blogger has employed their heart to boldly tell of a need which is required of the public. I encourage you to read this. So detailed. A writer fashioned after my own heart. Please read this lovely post.

What Living Taught Me

Are we educated enough to understand how easily we degrade the seriousness of the term and place “Depression”. Not able to decipher what I am trying to say/write and convey with it.

Let me try to Help you understand this using an example…….

▪️You’re sitting on a bench in a park; there comes your Friend (financially good n healthy) & a Beggar (homeless n VERY weak); they both tell you that they wanna have some food. Who’s situation is worse and whose request should be taken seriously? I think you can answer this yourself.

Here one is HUNGRY(friend) and the other is probably been STARVING, one needs to eat now to be okay while other will need a proper healthy diet in a constant manner and for months to at least be okay. The seriousness of the situation is different right.

Nowadays, many people use the term depression/depressed…

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