We Are Like Zombies

Owned and Operated by the Void within.

No, I am not attempting to be a comic book writer. No. Masses, yes untold Billions, March to the voice of the Void within. We all possess the Void. The Void is the author of Fear. The Father of Anxiety. The master builder of our Configured Reality. Because it was born out of fear we are attached to it, must believe it, must follow it.

Yet not follow it as to its true purpose. No.

Everyone must believe with a desperation that there is happiness to be found in this life. There is not one single thing which is not touched by the Innate Void, not one single thing we see, know, practice or believe in in this life. In fact, “There are two sources for Drive extant.”

God and the Void

The proof of the pudding?

Mankind is the proof of the pudding.

How so? Because mankind needs signification. “The quest for perfection is born out of imperfection.” Yup, our goose is cooked dahling. .Yes, we are a driven and haunted creature. One of the bad things in our situation is that we don’t see the Duality.

Not for nothing is our Value System Built on Duality. There is a reason for this madness. Samples…

Good, Bad

Wrong, Right

Beautiful, Ugly

Happy, Sad

Rich, Poor

Peace, War

Power, Powerless

And these are but some of the Two-Sided Coins we buy and sell with. Negotiable Substances. Our currency manifested by our own Duality. Our Dichotomy. Our Fallen State. The soul/body being. 

But remember the fairy tale: Adam and Eve (one Duality, male/female) and “The Tree of the…” what??? “Knowledge of Good and Evil.” For this was the Paint Brush. The Fall of Man (another fairy tale, ahem…). The two-sided coin first began here.

Yes, there are, there are, there exist bastardizations.  Admixtures of any two Dualities invented by our Damaged Psyches. Usually one dominant one and subdominant the other.

There are but Two Kinds of People in the World. 

Celebrity Seeker and Obscurity Seeker. And they are both driven. One is driven to succeed and the other is driven to obscurity, to fail. But they are both admixtures. Dualities. Dominant the one and Subdominant the other.

The Celebrity Seeker dreams and secretly yearns for failure.

The Obscurity Seeker dreams and secretly yearns for success.

Nonetheless, we work within our confines. But wait, you don’t want to hear this, no, you are a believer, oh yes, a believer in the “Matrix”. For you to cross over into this truth could cause you to lose the foothold you have in the Fiction, the Lie. Vomit, puke like Neo first did.

It all depends on what you vomit out…

The cow has more than one stomach, you have but one.

Not for nothing did these guys come up with this stuff (The Matrix. Wachowski Bros), for they are working from the subconscious up. Man can you not see that we to relegate this truth to the realm of fiction less we lose our minds but here is the Irony my friend: This reality was slowly fashioned so that we would not deal with the presence of our Voided State, yes, we fear it, its presence, that much for it is intuited (Directly Known). To intuit a truth such as this is harrowing. We created horror movies to take the place, distance us from this truth. 

To intuit it is to know it with certainty, no questioning of it upon the scale where words are not required. It is said that “Words Fail”. Harrowing. To see the significance of the Void Innate. Oblivion, nothingness, insignificance, oh, oh, oh…

There is more to the Bible, more to talk about God, about Salvation than even the Religious dude/person can tell, explain to us. If they tell you that right now as you are you are headed for Hell, what does that mean? I know, it is hard to see the import of that. Yet the message has been disempowered by the Great Fiction, and what is that? The Empire which we have erected due to the very Drive out of the Void Innate.

Thank you for your visit. Come again.

I can be reached: at turbans713@yahoo.com, and
https://kingrat1397@gmail.com, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida)


7 thoughts on “We Are Like Zombies

  1. Last week I was explaining all that I read on your blog to my mum (many of your posts) especially the innate void that you discuss and that it’s the highlight of every post of yours. So while I was telling this I thought about zombies and how we relate to them…..later when I saw the blog feed this post was up and I thought what a coincidence (again) I wanted to make a comment but I thought I’ll read it again after some time and comment something better.
    Well my mom really liked your tellings/explanations 🙂

    Thanks for sharing another insightful post. I really love reading stuffs that has truth of life I am very inclined towards such things. ☺☺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will let you in on a little secret. Many years back, as far as 1989 which was the year I began recording this school of thought which was the year my breaking began, as these thoughts begun to clarify, solidify I yearned for people to train in these things. I sought and found a few and began to teach them. But though they never forgot what we shared, I saw that their role in life was other than that which I wanted for them. Even though that was the case I was not publishing what I had put together as the school of thought. I feared plagiarists. Well, I found that one of my daughters was sharing this material with people she knew. I chided her for it. It was not time yet, I said to her, the world wasn’t ready yet.
      “But Dad, don’t you think that God doesn’t want you to keep this to yourself if it is so remarkable and he shared it with you?” She put me in my place.
      I began to publish with some fear still.
      My point is this, dear Avid: I won’t inhabit this carnal body forever. I hope that one day you will, among a few, be sufficiently outfitted to share this material with some Spiritual insight. A Center, being the Life of God.
      Yup, my daughter made me see that if they stole it, as long as it is put in the correct light, meaning Man’s need, God’s mission to supply that need: Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, I should give thanks for that occurrence. You never know dear, never know. As always, you make me proud. Thanks for your reception.

      Liked by 2 people

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