We Despair

About “Despair”. Attempting to take a closer look at it. An old Post, enjoy.


We despair of specific things.

Perhaps it is a thing we long for. Perhaps it is good riddance we aspire to in respect to an affliction. Perhaps it is of loneliness. Perhaps we despair of a friendship, acquaintance we wish we possessed. Sometimes we might despair of companionship. Perhaps we might despair of finances, of experiences we wish we could afford.

But where would we be were it not for contrast. Contrast always paints a picture for us, not only of that situation, or thing we don’t possess, but quite astutely it paints a picture of us, human frailty.

Our makeup is put on the table by contrast.

The bottom line is put on display. IE our incompleteness. It is after all just a show. A floor show administered just for us by the makeup of existence.

Purpose in life.

Contrast works with paradox. And all the time paradox presides just…

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