From Dualities To Completion

Ristrictions, Limitations, yes in this Life. Here on earth.

We barter in Dualities. Our Value Sytems is based upon the scale of Dualities. The Manic Person is trapped in a value system of Duality. Highs and lows. A sunny day versus a cloudy day dictate the moods for such a one. But Irony doth rule the kingdom. Paradox doth reside and sit on this Throne. Ha…

At the Center of all this is the Void.

Yes, we come to this life with it. This is why most of you had a “Truth Quest” experience when you were kids. I had one.

I stood in a darkened room on a dark night (9yrs old). I thought about existence. “Why are we here?” A soliloquy played out. More and more relentless questions ensued from me and all in my head. The placement of all things transpired in my head. Then I got to…”Is there a God?” “Why is there a God?”, “And who is He and who made Him?”

And a something within (instinct) kept telling me: Stop, but…

Another voice kept telling me: “No, go on.”

So I went on.

And this is what transpired (more detail is in my blog posts): I felt myself leaving my body and standing beside me watching myself.

Fwoom, I quickly shut down all engines and…

I ran for dear life to…

Find someone, anyone, busy otherwise than with the bee’s nest I had just kicked.

I did (find someone) and quickly entangled myself in their doings, less I lose my mind. They looked at me noting my desperation, fear.


“Don’t think too much, because you will go crazy.” People would say as I sat thinking as a kid. Oh, they knew!

They’d gone there.

Summing that experience up:

I’d had a Void Connection. I came close to the knowledge of my configuration, my complete makeup. Within, deep within, I house a Void. The knowledge that I, as depicted in the illustration am driven by a sorrowful thing, a Void an emptiness. And that life (as we know it) is not supposed to run like this, it should be different. 

We’re not supposed to be afraid to lose our minds unless…

This Void is the source of all drive outside of God Himself!

IE, we are duped. Being had. Which means that the Biblical Account of the Fall of Man is not a Myth.

This reality, having its value in the Void, and is driven out of the fear of the knowledge which the Void’s presence signifies: IE appertainment, we are waste material, not fit for God’s Original Intent (“Man’s chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever.” Answered to question 1 of the Shorter Westminster Catechism).

Yes, my little run to get involved in what we see as reality was negotiated by my acquaintance with the Void. Knowledge of its Intuited significance; Culmination being Oblivion, Nothingness as not having God’s Life, as descended from Adam, being in need of Redemption, Repurchase, all which was accomplished upon the Cross of Calvary by the Son of God: Jesus Christ. 

Faith is what starts out the Inhabiting. His Life starts to fill one. Continuance in His things is to follow that the Filling might resume. The Spirit of Life will then negotiate your steps, but no longer out of fear, but out of Love.

But what of Dualities and Completion?

Below is one of the puzzling phrases in the Bible:

1 Corinthians 13:12

For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

The above is pointing out the difference in heaven and earth.

The “glass darkly” is a mirror. Here is a tool for you: “The Void is mirrored in Like and Unlike.” This is the recognition of its Dualities as portrayed here in this scripture. A mirror is used to illustrate our dualistic existence in this life. The Void impresses our Psyche. It is the cause of Anxiety, of all Fear. The Void employs “Void Guises” to keep us distracted. See my posts to learn more. Archives.

What is meant by this: “Like and Unlike”?

Life or death, “good” things as opposed to “bad” things. The quotes are there because to define the good or the bad situation is all a matter of indoctrination, how we interpret a thing to be due to our conditioning.

This world

You make it or you don’t. This is a supreme Duality we worship and practice of a Void Impacted Psyche. But the paradox is…

That “All Void Value equals zero Value” (another rule) and “The Void always has the last laugh”, IE when we are living life as Void Driven.

Do you not see the Great Lie that the Void within has impacted our Psyche with, and that there can be no understanding of Human Nature without this knowledge, no Psychology without Biblical Knowledge of the Fall of man. Ironic, ha…

The Completion can be ours, yes, and it is to be found in God.

Illusions are all the Void Innate has had us, driven us to erect. Do you need deliverance from Anxiety? Well here is your enemy (The Void Innate), the culprit, the cause of it. Oh yes, you think that some event in your childhood inspired this (Anxiety), But dear child of God, I tell you that were it not for the presence of the Void Innate, that event could not have marked you or your life, yes, disempower the Void by knowing that it has had Significance in your life but will no longer. For through Faith, a Faith which will grow, you will suffocate that Void with the Life of God. It, the Void, has marked you to believe, and live in it. Turn that same power of Faith, of believing instead toward the Filling of God’s Life within. 

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