Redemption Dramas: New Edition (pt.1)

What Are Redemption Dramas?

All human pastimes are RD’s. From the moment of wakefulness (Due to the purpose assigned the sleep state, it too functions like an RD. To be discussed later.), our thoughts, all we do are RD’s. 


The habits we practice day to day, things we implement in our schedules, routines which later we draw a sense of comfort in identifying these as uniquely us, warm and cushy all inside even down to the “I can’t communicate, discuss anything unless I have had my first cup of coffee in the morning…” Someone standing in waiting perhaps wishing you could misidentify their foot up your arse as that very first cup of java. 

Yes, the security we have translated into our routines doth bequeath us with the ability to possess stability merely because they succeed in heading off any anxiety inflicted upon our Psyche as might result from the intuiting of the presence of the Void Innate that should otherwise take place. 

What is the purpose of RD’s?

To endow us with a sense of Value: “Value Identification”


Due to the absence of the Life of God, which absence has been the Heritage of the Children of Adam. 

Axiom: God’s Life in us is True Value.

What accounts for RD’s covering so much ground?

Two things:

A) The Void Innate


B) Our Human Psyche

Explanation: Understand that a magnificent tool employed by the intuiting of the Void by our Psyche is Perfectionism, and so we strive to be better at anything which tickles our fancy, works well with our skill set or imaginations, dreams etc..

The Power of the presence of the Void in man can then be seen in that man rides ramrod over man. We have schools, we have protocols, whether they are of a Social Nature (societal) or just Preferential. Tribal, Clannish (as can be witnessed in the familial Ideals) preferential indoctrination, particularly regional in some cases, etc..

A regional people might be stuck on a particular sport (example). 

We have ideals epitomizing what, how a specific conceptual character should act. But in better detail, we have the birther of all this: the Void Innate. The Void within Man would not have this effect upon the Psyche were it not for its Significance. What it is. What it embodies: The Void is the earnest of Oblivion, of Appertainment, of Waste MaterialThe Void is the Final Word on the state of affairs and it shows. 

In fact, the world state of affairs are dictated, have been dictated by the presence of the Void in Man. The need for value which will diminish the Anxiety we encounter when intuiting the presence of the Innate Void.  

Take an impoverished country, area, region, concerning which it must not be discounted that what is coined as low self-esteem is purely just the Void Intuited resulting in masquerading with this accepted tag and finding voice through different outlets. Supplied with refuge (as an example) in a religion, part of the following key elements must not be ignored; 

a) Due to the significance of the Void Innate (Oblivion, Waste Designation, Nothingness…), it is that the Void intuited means the abiding presence of Fear, Anxiety so the Psyche must create a Void Guise (which could be any other world system beliefs, that impinge upon the Psyche comprise a threat to their support system) and occupy self in its conquest, dragon slaying, that their Fear and Anxiety should be diminished, expiated. 

b) This can result in employing religion to aid in the practice of “Dragon Slaying”, making rules which serve to employ the worshipper into identifying with value if these rules are assigned with an acceptation that one is obeying “god” as one enforces the religious laws.

I can add more here but these samples should suffice. I can say some about the other side of this equation, um?

The Paradox…

That a Void in man should drive man to accumulate and identify with “value” when it, in fact, is the evidence that man is in need of value! IE Instead of it being addressed, dealt with. 

This proves how gullible mankind is. Oh yes, quite sadly.

But of course…

This all is due to the Human Psyche. Yes. How the Void in man impacts our Psyche. And this is all very, in fact, logical, reasonable. IE that the Void in man has the strength, the power to affect the Human Psyche to the point of delusion. A humongous niche. Yes, all that we as a human race have erected is a hiding place. A place where we find comfort. And this accounts for the different preferences we practice which serve to perpetuate the preferential self.

I sincerely appreciate your support.

Please return for pt.2 of this revealing series into the human Psyche and how it busies self in diminishing the Anxiety we experience due to the presence of the Void Innate.

I can be reached: at, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida)


8 thoughts on “Redemption Dramas: New Edition (pt.1)

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  2. Without God’s life in us defining, “True Value” we’ll never have a base line. Because the world is attempting to take God out of the equation we will only go deeper into the abyss. The world once again is working so hard to define what is true value. Great post Miguel.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m pleased that you find my observations good. Praise to Him for sure. If you did call me Paul that okay because in many ways I am a Saul to Paul person. Therefore its a compliment. And, please feel free if I am missing the mark on a thought to bring me back okay!!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Don’t bother self with that because God in abiding does not miss a cue. I myself sometimes get the point down the road, later in time.


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