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In “There Was A Time” (Previous Post) did I not point out how Percival Harrison Fawcett ventured out looking for the City of Gold, Z, which he named, and how the world lay in fascination reading of his exploits. This was accomplished by natives, runners which he employed for this purpose reporting to the hub of newspapers as represented by the nearest civilization.

Isn’t it true that we discussed how a large portion of mankind closely followed and made discussion of the daily reports? This surmises a special bid, a bid cast from their hearts. We mentioned something of this hope sent forth, cast out by the human psyche. Yes, we discussed this as an escapism mechanism. The need, yes, ladies and gents, the need lay within their being for something bigger, larger than life, than the mediocrity of life, the enslavement of necessities, routines, paying dues for their existence. It is maniacally funny how in the pursuit of that thing we have ourselves convicted of as “It”, our dreams we yet are cast into the Gerbil’s Wheel. The humdrum, be it a new humdrum, a new certainty, a new conviction that “This is it!”, this is what I want to do, and the more popular: “This is what I love doing”. After all, we do conclude that one must, should love what he does, haven’t we?

Funny, just like we have come up with all sorts of ridiculous phrases to attempt to retain to our affections a place of prestige. “I am not In Love with you but I love you.”, “It’s Complicated.” Of course, it is complicated you knucklehead, for it is we who complicate it, dah… Are we not a mess. Confused, lost along the way? I had mentioned before how that when I was a kid, an epiphany smacked me in the head while amidst my daily routine and it was just composed of one word: Excuses.

I had a vision that all of life, of existence, was defined in this one word: Excuses. I had that conviction but for a fraction of a second and poof, it was gone. I struggled to retrieve the import of it, but only a glow would come to me and not the conviction, the import. When I got older, after some breaking which I underwent did its message gradually spill out into my life. All of what we forge and shape ideals out of is a restless center assigning us with a mission of procuring Excuses for its presence within. And so it is that we negotiate Value for its abidance. Ring a bell? Excuses.

This is precisely why youth is mispent.

A great fabrication of values, attempting to exempt us, yet we can’t, we fail to see that that center screams out of our true state of Valuelessness. We root for one another and even attempt to create a brotherhood, “We are in this together”, attempt to forge the Golden Calf to act as a go between for us that it might translate us into Value. Even the structure of the home suffers undergoes good and bad and we fail to see the irony: Futility. Good and Bad are both equal in Zero Value. And why is this an axiomatic truth? Simply because we have made a fable of a Truth. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. That experience Adam passed unto us. To judge, to assess Good and Evil. And so it is that in our hands they both have turned Valueless. As dung. Nothingness.

In exchange for the Knowledge of Good and Evil, He lost the Life of God.

Our state is…

Inevitable because we are valueless. This is our lot. Our center is corrupted and so all of our dreams, our aspirations are turned to naught. Ashes to ashes. 

For the moment this is my endeavor…

The Populace lived off the endeavors, the mission of the one man, what e’er betide him. They escaped mundanity through him, this one man Percy. Imagining, “What if he finds Z, the City of Gold?”


The only thing which can correctly define our affliction, our human condition, the reason for the presence of the abiding Void within, the reason why this Void deceives us and grabs us by the nose inventively as we create Void Guises and Void Values which lead us to Void culminating Zero Value as we are laid to rest in finality (the reason) is The Biblical Account of the Fall of man. 

All of common sense and truth beyond all philosophies of man is hid in that account we refer to as a myth for fear that the Void within would reach up and succumb us with its significance. Because it (the Void Innate) is Death, a state of Death. We don’t live, this is not life. He came that we might have life more abundantly: His Word to us, yet it is wrapped up in Faith, overcoming all the confusion we find upon the present state of things, of affairs. Presently attempting (the Innate Void is…) as it translates into a value of death to procure our darkness, itself promoted to our worries our fears and our Angst. Excuses, do not be deceived for as it robs our faith it gains power, momentum. The Great Mime is the Void Innate. Ultimately the Great Mime.

There is one man who has found Z for us…

We can cast our lot with Him rather than as a hopeless gesture.

“It is finished…”

He said, proclaimed upon the Cross of Calvary. And so it is that we have access once again to that Life forfeited in Adam.

We can cast our lot with Him: Jesus Christ and not the Percivals and the Z’s. Learn more about this man by reading the Bible. Don’t be afraid just because the significance of His deed has been watered down due to the attempts of the Void Innate in others, a large assemblage of Death.

Thank you for your visit. If you wish to learn more…

I can be reached: at, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida)


9 thoughts on “Follow Me Closely Please

      1. Sometimes we wonder if the masses see it or are they blinded by the idea? Some obviously find it as a catalyst because the ad’s keep coming bolder and more frequently. So glad we’ve gotten off the hamster wheel.

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  1. Just few hours back I finished watching the lost city of z and then I opened up blog feed and surprise another happenstance 😇
    (it’s been so many times that I doubt whether you actually believe in it or not)

    You’re right we need to explore/discover a lot but for that we’ll first need to have lot of faith n bravery

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t.. I believe in things like this happening in order. It’s God’s order. You will be fine. You have more faith than you are aware of. It’s not for nothing that God reaches out and arranges things for us to see. You will be fine. For the criminologist, there are no coincidences. It is possible that God has already touched your heart a while back. Thank you so much for sharing things that you might not be aware of. I feel so privileged.

      Liked by 1 person

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