Redemption Dramas: The New Edition (pt.4)

Intense RD’s

These can be catastrophic. World shaping even but don’t have to be kept in this light when approaching them for study, consideration, close up inspection.
Why, because even the gang banger lives an intense RD. He might affect his family, the community even, but can be catastrophic in taking several or one life. And not to mention how his own life can be impacted when sadly, there were other choices, other options but momentum can be our ruin. Manny, fellow Turban, found in a vehicle one morning with his throat cut by the Bronx River. He was never the same when he returned home from the Vietnam war (being causation Void fulfilled in this deadly role play).  
I (“Mickey”) was the President of the Young Turbans in the Bronx, before the other evolutions of the Turbans depicted in the Documentary, “The Rubble Kings”, though Chino shows up there in the film (still photo). He was a member of the Old Turbans ( the Older division of our neighborhood chapter). 
God spared me to be here talking to you. I came close to being killed and killing but God had other plans for me.
So what have we learned so far?
Let’s put some thoughts into perspective, get a foot hold in this talk.
Circumstances mold us, give us our RD’s which translates into Value for us. And this because we are Void driven. This mad race we put on display called “life” is all a mission driven out of our Voided State that we might pretend that “It does not reside within”. Obviously, this is the source of “Depression” as we know it. The Innate Void.
I had been physically abused. This abuse did some peculiar things to me. My sense of Value as the Void impacted me became a convoluted Void Guise. I was reminded of the sense of worthlessness inhabited when I would think some one was making fun of me. I struck out. As if to make the previous abuse vanquished: IE to silence the voices in my head reminding me of the physical abuse I had undergone which diminished my value. I was a pawn of the Void which had been key translating its presence into value through my abuser and me. If there was an opportunity to fight, I was your man. The Void having the anxiety it provoked within me diminished by the  language, rate of transference I had been indoctrinated into: depending on how I parlayed that anxiety into Void dispelling practices.  
So you see: It is a negotiation that the Innate Void seeks. 
To renegotiate itself. This is key you see…
And though I use a kind of incomplete communication, the whole process completes itself with the knowledge (crucial knowledge) that The Innate Void impacts our Psyche, undeniably, and the results are seen in Humankind. 
If you doubt for one second what I say just look at life. The human chaos. State of the world we live in. 
Let us conclude this chapter with putting up for inspection 3 culprits: a)The Void b) Intuition and c) The Psyche (the Soul, what we conclude as self).
The Void draws its power from representing Death, for it testifies to us being dead, devoid of the Life of God. Forfeited in Adam. 
This is to say we are waste material. Not fit for God’s original intent. 
Our problem is that the Void is Intuited. And this is a horror. Harrowing for the third thing we speak about: The Psyche, our mind, our being, our Soul. 
You see: To intuit a thing is to Directly know it, IE no words are needed, it instead arrives at our consciousness as a Certainty. Harrowing to have the conviction that You are waste material and so no small wonder that we live Dramas of Redemption. 

I can be reached: at, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida)



    • It is a great question really because we tend to think like Assessors and that is Adamic. Whereas in such a pattern pursued we look for profit, evidence of output versus what might have been (IE losses) and doing so is our way and not God’s way. The end of it all is that He is a God of Grace. We know that He knew what choices we would make and election teaches us that this whole she bang just folds right into itself, again as I said before “Circular”. So am I to be a decision made upon the Circularity of things IE outcome or am I a result of His omnipotence as you said, because of His Sovereignty. But as to circularity there are some who were riding on my Salvation and service, but I, in turn, was riding on Jesus’ sacrifice, so bottom line is a completion, completion of His Design, His plan, His knowledge, and He is this, this very fabric we lay within. Nuts huh?

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      • The process is such a fascinating one and looking back on the crooked path I was walking I can now see so much. The whys for me were because He loves me and was constantly drawing me with that love. By His grace I saw Him before going further along a path similar to what you have shared your to have been. Through the years of working in my field I was blessed to hear so many stories of His redemptive works. In many testimonies there was a point of realization that He was calling very intensely to them. Like you said its a completion of His design. Not “nuts” at all but a powerful testimony of His work in you, in us.

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      • Yes Tom, ultimately it is all Him and not because He is selfish as many would dare to say but because He Is Tom, He is and nothing is compares to Him. We “Is” due to Him my Bro

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