When the Buddhist Beat Drops

Here is a post which unlike my material is more palatable. Though we are on the same track. Make sure you read the actual post, don’t just listen to the video or you will miss the point.

The Floating Axehead

Celebrated television personality, filmmaker and sometimes philosopher Jason Silva has over 1 million Facebook followers. He’s a cultural phenomenon who peppers social media with various vignettes and snapshots of his hobbies, passions and beliefs. To give you a flavor of his perspective, his cover photo is a quote by the noted atheist Carl Sagan. Most recently, a video of his was brought to my attention where he describes his connection with music, and what it means to him.

As a Christian, I am conflicted about this video.  On the positive side it’s beautiful to see a creature display the image of God in his desire for interaction with the transcendent within the context of community. And I get it – whether it’s going to a party, a concert whatever – experiencing something together with others can be tremendously exhilarating. In addition, if you listen closely (he talks fast), he also…

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    • Yes, but did you notice how the writer describes his discernments in a more conventional form while yet they are along the vein of the things I focus on. Perhaps an unfair topic broached without me being specific to aid you in seeing my point.

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      • Yes, we watched it a couple times to feel the point of the message and it was along the lines of what you have been touching on. It is something how things are packaged to be appealing. There was an uncomfortable feel to it.

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      • Tom, bear with…
        But I am referring to the writer, his work. Not the speech that knucklehead made on the video.
        The writer is covering a lot of what I cover, except that he does it in a more palatable way. For example, the Church would be more comfortable reading his material than mine. Do you see what I am getting at?

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