It’s God’s plan anyway. So, why pray?

You have to read this. There exist few people who can blog with this sincerity and quest behind what they share. This is the second time I visit this blog. It won’t be the last.

Karen Beatrice


It’s Sunday. I’m just back from church and I’m inspired to write this.

For the last eight years, I’ve been a regular church goer. I attend mass on Sundays come hell or high-water. Before that…not so much. Well, I wasn’t an atheist but let’s say that I didn’t really fully “believe”. I would visit at Christmas, Good Friday and Easter. But the rest of the days, I guess I was just an ‘as you like it’  Catholic. Mass was just something to get through. Something I was forced into doing by my parents and other elders in the family.

I didn’t really get it. I had no complaints about my life. Life was ticking along smoothly. There were ups and downs. But I attributed this to the natural course of life. And I had the rest of my life to make mistakes, correct those mistakes and make some more.

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