The Void, Our Psyche, And Pursuits

We picture ourselves as a thing, a purpose, an ideal me, a dream, a pursuit.

We set out to fulfill this vision, this ambition.

Then we find ourselves involved in the midst of this thing, this dream, this ideal practiced. This becomes the hub in our life and all else the spokes from thereon branch out. Yet this universe which our dream has erected is contingent upon the dream. We collide or brush by the spokes of the dreams of others. Our Psyche has played a role in the pursuit of this dream. We sought this dream because our Psyche identified with Value through it. In fact…

It is a clear-cut series one undergoes in the birth of a dream, a pursuit. There is no other axiomatic truth which presides over this. Basically: 

The Void/Psyche/ and then the Dream is pursued.

It is due to the abiding presence of the Void Innate that we pursue dreams, goals, ideals. 

The Void then impacts our Psyche and the Dream must be sought after. But why?

To answer this question we must begin at the beginning. The Void Innate is the source of all drive outside of God. And we also must realize that uncannily, just like the successful are driven, the “failure” is also driven from the Void Innate: So we are saying that, though ironic the successful and the unsuccessful come from the same source, become what they are due to the presence of the Void Innate. 

The Void Innate creates the leveling field though its manifestations appear as contradictions. Paradoxes. And this is all mysterious and puzzling only because we are running away from a great truth.

This is why we are set about by the unbalancing phobia that there do exist malignant forces in the cosmos out to get us. Cornell Woolrich and Fredric Brown wrote like this, and quite successfully too.

But simply because this phenomena is founded upon a reality we wish to abolish due to the Void Innate. 

Yes, the Void Innate doth impress, doth impact our fragile Psyche (this answers the “why” I chose not to follow up on).

And why is the Psyche Fragile to begin with? Because the Void Innate gives it no break, no surcease. And why? Because it is intuited

This is terrible, horrible that it is intuited. Yes, in the presence of a negative situation a bell of association is rung for the mind which in turn then intuits that thing residing within, The Void Innate. In fact, there would be no negative response to the external negative occurrence were it not for the Void Innate. 

Science and Psychology haven’t and can’t figure this out because they are afeared of the truth posed in the Biblical Account of the Fall of Man. Unavoidably it fills them with anxiety to come close to this truth. It fills you with anxiety to contemplate this truth (even as you read this). Yes, it is a circle presiding over us as humans: IE The Phenomena at work between the Psyche and the Void Innate. Circular. 

The sleeping monstrosity is the Void within us all. “Intuited” means that it requires no words yet carries certainty, conviction a “Knowing”. Therefore its presence within employs the Psyche through intuition to make it felt. It uses external negative events as its language for this is a primordial event we pack within e’er we were born. 

There can be no Psychology based upon the Mind of man without the taking into account the Biblical Fall of man as set forth in the Word of God.

Likewise accounting for the presence of the Void within. 

Our mind is calculative: IE we can figure this out. It is a gift for escape.

A realistic escape unlike that which the Void inspires the human Psyche to fabricate that we might delude self with a value identification which will evaporate.

So Ladies and Gents there you have it: The Void, the Psyche and our Dreams, pursuits, and ambitions.

Have pity on your brother, the unsuccessful for he is not unlike you in that he serves the Void differently for it is due to his early indoctrination that he, or rather his Psyche learns to decipher self-destruction as a Value Identification which will tend to dispel the knowledge of the Void Innate. 

Brother what a melodrama one is trapped in.

I know to those of you who are new to this blog this coverage seems brusque and terse but just, I urge you to visit my older posts for more info.

Thank you.

I can be reached: at, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida)



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