Depression And The Void

This post is dedicated to Nano Rain/aka/Nano Johansson


For the person who suffers from depression, please, as you read this keep this thought uppermost: Your calculative faculties included in the Mind are primarily that which the Holy Spirit of God will, can reinvigorate to get you out of the doom which depression envelops you with.

God’s Spirit will be the Life source to empower your Mind (His natural Gift to us) to begin the process of deliverance. Ignition, setting afire the processes. And this, as the mystic says, is why “Words Fail” (I was told: “Words don’t help.” by the kind and lovely young lady who inspired this post, e’er I’d begun to speak), due to the compact innately conceived by the mind with the Void Innate to portray a Redemption Drama (see my other posts on Redemption Dramas) which serves to keep the Void vested with Value. IE a reward is transacted to soothe the Void. 

I know, sounds improbable yet there are sequences of events which are bound to that Void Innate due to its significance in you and the deal it resolves to carry out with your Psyche that its presence would go easy on you. A Compact for surviving, enduring its presence (the Void’s).

Be patient, I know this sounds complicated (all of it). Yet perhaps a tiny spark has already begun within your Psyche. Because you see: Words fail unless ignited by the Spirit of God.

It is the Void’s lock on acceptation by the mental processes which will not permit Words to succeed. But the brain, but the brain’s beautiful gift of logic can begin the process of deliverance with the push of the Spirit of God.

Yes, we all without exception enter this life with the Void Innate. and what is the proof of this? Simply our need for Value. To identify with Value and how our emotions are recruited in that endeavor. Even the “Manic” personality is proof of this.

Yes, we have fashioned ideals, merely preferences but where we flounder is our ignorance of the truth that all these things we esteem with tags of significance are mere products of the Void as it impacts our Psyche preferentially. Void Guises, clearly. And all this done due to the impress the Void exerts upon our Psyche. See, the Psyche is creative and it behooves us to employ that very creative process to free us from the Void’s chokehold. This is why I stress the importance of the role our minds will play to aid the might of the Spirit of God to deliver us. 

The reason for this Void inhabiting presence is Primordial yet it demonstrates that we are missing something we then without exception have a need of.

Value Identity: But for the paradox (which isn’t) as cited below…

I refer to the following which might appear to aid in a debate counter to the idea of the human being preoccupied with the identification with value.

The awkward individual, the shy person, the alcoholic, the substance abuser, the self-destructive, the Suicidal, portrayals of the constant of “Victim”…

They do what they do, are what they portray that they might identify with value.

One man’s hero…

Beauty in the eye of the beholder…

One’s indoctrination can sketch out what to another will appear as a convoluted idea of Value. It is kind of the Script Psychology described in Transactional Analysis’ (Eric Berne) “Life Plan” influenced by Alfred Adler. 

In Transactional Analysis we have the “Winner, Non-Winner, and Loser.”, known as the Life Plans.

One of the most useful thoughts I have learned from Psychology which has been of personal use in my life is the following: No self-destructive behavior is kept unless there is a reward within it.

A reward within the Script carried out. The portrayal. IE (redundant…) the kept behavior is rewarded.

I know, this is a mystery, eh???


All self-destructive behavior is kept, perpetuated because there is a reward within the mechanism, the employment of the portrayal.

The one who suffers from Depression is caught in a groove, like it or not, on a conscious level. “I can’t help myself” is the Swan Song. The Sociopath, the Pedophile, the Suicidal and more titles to describe those who circle about the drain hole (but don’t believe this is hopeless! There is hope!). And why, why do I do or succumb to this behavior, yet wanting different?

I urge you to return for Pt.2 because this subject requires a great deal of representation and depiction.

Thank you for being here to read the material. Sincerely: MAO

I can be reached: at, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida)



  1. Depression is widespread and your write-up shall definitely help a lot of people and I would be really glad if you write more on the subject with a more lucid language so that it can even reach those with only elementary knowledge of English and if you can further elaborate this time…

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    • Thanks, my prayer is that as it continues it will make itself clearer as the spirit leads me in the writing. I do value your input greatly. The subject is so expansive, and especially connecting the schools of thought that have accumulated in my life will require some breakdowns, and so the series will have to continue and grow in the mind of the reader as it unravels.


  2. This is a great post Miguel. We completely agree on the fact the “Holy Spirit of God will, can reinvigorate to get you out of the doom which depression envelops you with”. I can lay claim to this having seen it work in my life. God is awesome.

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    • Tom. I’m very happy to hear this that you could relate to the Holy Spirit and the calculating ability of the Mind. Tom I am dictating this on my phone so you will find some errors. My Chromebook has crashed and the cursor has disappeared. I’ve wanted to make some additions to this post because the young lady gave me permission to use her Facebook name. She inspired the post. But she gave me permission after I had published it and my Chromebook crashed. So it’s hard for me using the phone to make those Corrections. I share this with you so that you might be inspired as to what this post my mean to her.

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      • Oh for sure we can relate Miguel. God Bless you for trying to use your phone to prepare a post and or comment. We get all mixed up when we try to do that. Sounds like the enemy wants to disrupt your positive words from reaching folks. Hopefully she will be inspired because we’ve seen the fruits.

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      • Hey Tom, just found this reply or comment. I believe it got lost yesterday when I lost use of my cursor on my Chromebook. My phone leaves for me a lot of comments and replies lost to the winds. Yes she has been very receptive of the series. Grateful. She has a kindly heart Tom.

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      • LOL. We can relate to the phone thing and “lost to the wind”. When trying to use the galaxy it for some reason closes the comment when you hit the like and are ready to comment. Then it gets shuffled in somewhere. This is a great series and good this person is tuning in for the food.

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    • Also Tom, I have been told relative to this post, that it is not lucid. And I understand with good reason that it would appear like that. Because you would have to be familiar with my schools of thought in order to make sense of the first post. Being this one. But as the series continues it will be broken down. The person wants help who said that. However it is help 4 others according to the way he spoke. And I’m touched by that that he cares for people suffering from depression. So I will continue in the series to expand upon the concepts.

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  3. I can definitely relate. Again, I had to read this twice. “No self-destructive behavior is kept unless there is a reward within it”. Certainly rings true as does the rest of your post. You are one of the most original bloggers here. Keep it up.

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    • You say you had to read it twice to understand something that escaped from you. I just want you to know that concerning this post person related to me that it’s not loose it. And rightly so in a person is correct and having said that. But it should be understood that it’s only the first post it will become clear with the other illustrations as we move on in the preceding but proceeding chapters. I am dictating this so that will be some errors AZ the machine won’t understand my accent Bronx and Brooklyn New York

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