Depression And The Void (pt.2)

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We shall begin on this day with two rules, axioms:

We learned with Post one that…

  • The way out of this stifling predicament (Depression) will be found in the utilization of the Mind (clarity in thinking). However…
  • It must be seen as an objective for this exercise (in seeking deliverance) that The Void Innate and the Depression are one and the same (we shall break this down).                                                                                                                                                                                                      Why the Mind?

Hope for deliverance must get a decent foothold somewhere to start with. And it must be placed in the mind. consider that the Void is holding the mind hostage.

A wonderful man of God is Dwight Pentecost. He said…

“There is no such thing as blind Faith. Faith needs a target to aim at.”

So it is that Faith grabs ahold of the building blocks which empower it. Dear Reader: Knowledge expands that target. Knowledge makes it bigger. Making it essential for our Faith to connect. The Void Innate affects our Consciousness, our Psyche. The Void within convinces the Psyche (Because the reason for its presence is so harrowing) that the situation is hopeless. And this conviction is a Dark Faith, so you already believe, don’t be deceived into discounting the role Faith plays in this.

Learning the equipment we’ve got to work with is half the battle. When God speaks to any living being He addresses the mind first. Yes, not the emotions but the mind first. 

“Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.”

The mind it is which receives inspiration. The mind it is which like Cyclops of the X-Men gets to unleash that destructive power, that all consuming ray of destruction which can break the chains that bind, blast a hole out of the prison of Depression. 

God knows all that He has set in place. So it is that not for nuthin does His precious and delivering emissary, agent of resurrection (His precious Holy Spirit), of regeneration, first whispers intuitively into the ear of humankind. Planting the Seed of deliverance.

Just as the Void is intuited, God’s Spirit is also intuited.

It is possible (it says)

And a tear might follow. But that tear could just be a thought, a thought taken for granted. Because we ourselves are employed by the Void as a resource (for such it is) for the Void plays a crucial role in deceiving us, taking hostage the Mind, employing it in our inability to do anything else but to live out of its Death, its world, for it is death which is its basic configuration. Its makeup. 

But Hope is different than the Void Innate. Hope is more. Hope is Life and belongs to God.

Yes, the mind can hold hostage, take no prisoners, be callous and make no exceptions while it erects a monument to the Void Innate.

This is the goal of the Innate Void. We all come into this life with a Void within. Were it not so, we would not be restless, we would not be the critics we are, demanding perfection from self, relentless accepting nothing but perfection. 

A wise man once said:

“The quest for perfection is born out of imperfection” (MAO, I even loaned the slogan to a fellow blogger)


That Void Innate is Venom. Because it is Death It prepares you for burial. It owns your mind through fear. Listen: The Void Innate is intuited. Without words, it becomes known to you. It is a conviction, a certainty, a given, and so it is slept on.

The Void Innate is the earnest of “Appertainment”, of Discard of Waste. And it is this certainty, that we, now listen, this means our Consciousness, falls under the conviction of, that our Soul is fit only for being discarded as waste material, and it is this truth which is Depression, and why? 

Because we are missing a key ingredient in our Being. Our Center.

Real Life, true Life. The Life of God. And so…

And this truth above is tricky, complicated, our mind as employed by the Void plays tricks on us (more on this next chap.)

The Void is Depression

You, the person who suffers from Depression, underwent an event at a time in your life when you had very few words, too little (you were) and this event produced for your Consciousness, your Psyche, a Void Connection, IE You intuited the presence of the Void Innate due to this event. 

We will talk about this next. It is tricky. But we are here to address this.

Please return for pt.3 of “The Void And Depression”

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Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida)


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