Fiction Writer: Dream Resolution

Wanting to be a decent writer of works of Fiction?

Here’s a trick for you which can help to make you one.

  1. In rereading the works of successful writers, you look at them with this eye…(following…)
  2. Dreams are attempting to show you unresolved issues within you, your mind, your soul, your consciousness…
  3. The very works of Fiction hailed by the public are The subconscious mind, the soul of these artists unleashed here (writings) shrouding unresolved issues within them. Unleashing them upon the public with perhaps an added fictional solution and so the reader finds Catharsis, a thing which the writer is seeking. Eh?
  4. It follows suit that you must employ your mind into identifying all the opposition in your life even should it include characters bearing pluses or negatives and use them to populate your work of fiction yet camouflaged. Eh?
  5. Respect the fact that these issues of self, remain unaddressed in truth and though in the end, this leaves you with a resource within to channel into literary works you are left with a choice in life.

In practicing number 4 above you will have one story with a plot. This will turn out to be a story the multitude can relate to. Representing all the difficulties you have encountered and either need to overcome or will overcome but in this case wrapped up with a ribbon. And believe it, you can use the same ideals, pluses, and negatives again and again in stories for you will expand on the colors for themes but the good news is that you will have a template.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       However                                                                                                                                        Bear in mind that though this helps as a writer of fiction the actual remaining unresolved configuration within you refuses to be fattened up with these works of art because though it (this need within) can be utilized in this fashion supplying catharsis, a tempory palliating soothe device, the issue within remains unaddressed.

I would like to insert here, what Mickey Spillane said when asked on a TV show, what makes a great writer of fiction: “You have to be a good liar.”

He had seven of the 10 best selling books of all time.

So what exactly then is this issue (within which remains unaddressed)?                                                                                        It happens to be of the nature of which hierarchies in this world, though they arise as palliates themselves: Are indeed driven through its effect upon them to belie its import, its message, its signification. These created hierarchies can be seen with little difficulty as also “Creative Works of Fiction” attempting to bring resolution to the “Unaddressed Issue” Innate. 

You see: Logic and true real science belong to the domain of the creator. Man himself cannot be relied on to supply a thing born from true logic while he is driven out of the Innate Void he enters this sphere with.

There is a phenomenon described as the Bible, the Word of God which man in his infected state has striven to relegate to myth, to ignorance, and so the great wealth it can pack such as that bequeathed to me in my experience, in my walk with God. Faith was all I needed but yes, true, it came the better through my breaking and through how I perceived that breaking. My humbling, my worship was the end result. 

Thank you for visiting, there is a whole lot more found, a wealth of a Spiritual content found within my posts. Please visit my archives, my reserves.

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