Old And Unimproved

Just a thought. Short. An old post from Sept 2015. Reblog.


Some one will come along one day and (the world being what it is, and young people being what they are, radical) write the graphic novel, about a Jesus who did not go to the Cross. One who stuck around using His powers to thwart evil. The same genius will add to that, a brewing conflict between He and the Father, due to the disobedience of not going to the Cross. The dimensions and panoramic scale will expand as Satan gets thrown into the mix, creating static between the Heavenly Father and Son.

Thrown into the story line will be the souls who will not be redeemed, how to artistically outline their plight. An artistically licensed limbo.

All this would occur because look how Superman’s dad became God the Father and Superman, the son. The first; Mario Puzo’s version. But of course if the graphic novel came about. All Christendom would…

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