Penny Quotes Pt.2: MAO


A gathering of some more of my FaceBook quotes, before they steal the Copyright. These were used with that new coloring background which limits the characters, thus you see a lot of urban slang.

On any given morning I will exhaust a need to rant using this colorful platform.


Man made erasers, God didn’t. Own up. No such things as mistakes. Que sera sera…

Protocols, what are they? Etiquette. Consisting of ephemeral processions. Ghosts before the Coroner’s report end up cashed in.


Merit Badges and Titles weigh heavy like a Crown. E’en to dividing betwixt Siblings. Time and memories cannot withstand them.

All’s get a shot at da hurt. None exempt. We grow, we learn. No sweat. Put it into Perspective. Nuthin but a li’l Chicken wing.

Face it, sometimes you and a relative can’t meet on Fb. It might not be the place for youse, knowing too much about each other

Faux Pas’s are committed often due to the falsehood of Prestige. Unpragmatic merit badges, though deemed pragmatic by titles.

My Past is my Past. To pretend it didn’t occur is pretentious folly. I can’t pretend I was not once born of Adam for Prestige.

Were it not for the Innate Void we would not be “actors” in need of Value. The Gospel answers this dilemma. Not so complex is it?

If the Innate Void inspires me to discern and turn to the Living God, that is not “superstition”, I do not hedge but find Truth.

Don’t give your heart to the simple things while undiscerned and catastrophic agents work in the background. God is discernment.

Con sorry se mata a cualquiera. Now with LOL you can be mean to anyone on FB, ha! (LOL)

Note: Con sorry se…

Is a City Spanish saying: means “By saying you’re sorry you can kill anyone.” The use of it here, of course, is original in how it supplements LOL on FB.

Past, Present and Future. All related. Yes inquire into the past, and the present, thus the future can be improved upon.

Often it is no mystery what your friends are like. Generally relative to what you are like. Ruled by the same fears. Insecurities.

Thanks for visiting (no, this is not a penny quote.

I can be reached: at, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida)


10 thoughts on “Penny Quotes Pt.2: MAO

  1. This one is so liberating for us, “My Past is my Past. To pretend it didn’t occur is pretentious folly. I can’t pretend I was not once born of Adam for Prestige.”. Had someone once say don’t tell so and so your past, lol. It cracked me up.

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    1. I’ll give you another laugh: My Sis unfriended me because I posted a little exploit we went out on when kids. Nothing lecherous but her present Laurels prevented her from unwinding from the post. I understand but we both are to learn from this. She’s wound too tight, ha. And so for that matter are her colleagues. I can’t leave her in God’s hands unless she responded like this. There you have it. I’m really unperturbed and undisturbed, just recognize a good lesson. Thanks Tom

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      1. We completely know what you mean. As long as you are going along with the flow everything is cool but then when you express your heart then there is a disconnect. Oh how we know. Then again we shouldn’t be surprised because the Bible warn of this!

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