What you are about to read is a very powerful message to you about life. It originally consisted of about 1,600 words but I cut it into two posts for your convenience. The second part is already writ.

Also due to convenience, you will see it as Pt.2. So patiently await its publication for the rest of the impress this post carries. Do not go your own way without engaging in Pt.2.


The “Little Things”

Yes, they get done. Getting up in the morn, washing our face to loan a hand to wakefulness, to the Coffee, the tea. An assist. Brush the teeth. Rinse la boca (Spanish 101).

The things we do without (in some cases) much thought. Sorting through the wardrobe, picking out what to match for wear. Attempting to rotate so that we will know what will be put in the Laundry Bag. Smelly, stained, etc..

But there are things we do outside the confines of the home which we also sleep on that other folk find hard to do, even terrorizing. Paralyzing. Disabling. And even while in the home, preparing to venture out Self Deprecation might begin. A self-chastisement might take place where the mind turns against us. For some. Yeah, for some.

Yup, living is not the same for all of us. A sense of Self can be conjured for the mind. A harried self. The mind turning against us. When we add up the fact that even under therapy “…can take a horse to water but…” IE Something has to click. For the mind, a thing has to be put into perspective: Otherwise, the healing will not begin. A sequence has to take place in the mind of the individual while under that Therapy which will clear the device, the mind for acceptation of what is at work here in the mind. Clarity has to take place. Because…

A directive has been adopted by the mind which routed one’s life into this present chaos, this present status. What is even more puzzling is that this behavior pattern we have adopted, though frustrating to us, perplexing, is kept by us, by the mind because there exists a reward for the sub-conscience in the perpetuating of this behavior.

Whether it (behavior) is that of an individual who cannot hold down a job, is a substance abuser, undergoes a self-disablement when faced with specific situations impacting the Psyche or more…


When others place expectations upon you. When you place expectations upon you which causes you to feel the presence which elicits that “Doom Cloud”. You will fail, you must fail, so demands that prime directive within.

Yes, it is all a matter of programming. Do you feel me?

The sequence we are familiar with…

What we know is superficial. The visible outward familiar scenarios which elicit these responses, behaviors out from us.

That position of “provider”, of fallibility, of “Trust” even, a role entrusted which actually calls into play a trumpet call to self-destruct, to botch it all up.

To wrap the mind all around this. A vicious cycle which is a host to us, an old stalwart to us. A staple. As if we take it upon the stage of life and in front of the audience, a packed house as if in contrast we then unpack the valise and call into play our performance, whether it is to drink heavily, take addictive substances or just simply fall apart, disable emotionally and so affect the carrying out of simple everyday functions. A self-consciousness might take place.

Again, as stated before: the Psyche must make sense of all of this. It must put things into perspective because outside of it, our mind that is, no one else can aid us. Your mind is your best friend to bring about healing in this case.

The calculative process

Reason, the ability to reason can deliver you from this hell of living.

And like it or not: This is a God given gift, the ability to calculate, to process, to put things into perspective. Clarity. You don’t bathe in a pool to receive it. No, but you have to put all your ducks in a row, or rather see them all in a row.

Bring up your hunting gun and shoot, get to work, shoot.

Begin your deliverance, make use of Clarity. A compact has been struck up between you and this role you play out, perpetuate. You have struck up a compact: A Redemption Drama on a higher scale.

But here we must take a step back…and interpret that vile thing which lies within which governed this compact. For…it is the Innate Void which vestured the mind to compile this Redemption Drama. To be more specific: The Presence of the Innate Void as it impacts our Psyche resources specific reactions from us that we might quieten its significance. Its message must as elicited by a negative external occurrence in our life must be diminished in content for it was intuited by our Soul, our Being due to the external negative occurrence when transpiring alerts us to the presence of the Innate Void, our situation relative to the cosmos: We are fit for discard, waste material, is the Voidal Message, significance.


Don’t fail to be on the alert for part 2 of this post, please. Thanks for being here, much appreciated, sincerely yours: MAO


I can be reached: at, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida)


10 thoughts on “Living

  1. Does this mean that the mind can control our emotions? How do we stop ourselves from feeling what we feel? Or is it that we sink back into patterns that we are familiar with (negatives because they are easier to fall back on) simply because we’ve become so used to doing it, that we find comfort there. Familiarity does breed comfort to an extent.

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    1. Good points you have raised here Karen. No Karen, not outright (about the mind) but and then again YES it can. But it will be a work in progress.
      I was supposed to send you these before but failed you.
      Also, I don’t know how well these will stand the test of time for my writing has improved. Make of them what you can. Promise to get back to you dear friend.
      And yes we have developed bad habits. We diminish anxiety with Redemption Dramas. Romance and a whole bunch of offshoots from our Voidedness. Those things engender regret which supplies us with Void Value. And all Void Value, in the end, winds up as Zero Value.
      Take your time reading these and keep in mind that our faith is misplaced. Remember “Where is thy Faith” this was said for us. Every thing we sleep on has ahold of our faith and thus diminishing our Spirit might to overcome.


    2. Also, Karen, keep a journal, it will cause your mind to be in step with better practices. Journal on the things I share with you. You have a good mind Karen. You can find the place God wants for you dear. You will be instrumental in empowering deliverance using your mind as the Spirit of God breaks the Chains which bind and fills your Soul

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    1. Honest Tom, to be fair, when I come back to the comments I have to pause less I answer the comment correctly or should I say accurately? Yes because at times I cannot place the comment alongside the post, to what does it apply exactly. Funny right? True though. And I don’t want to give a hypocritical condescending answer blanketing in general. I have to be a Hercule Poirot at times or just go back and reread what I wrote, meaning the post. But yes, in General, with His Spirit we calculate using His calculations. Did cop out here?

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      1. I certainly understand Miguel. There is often so much meat in your post and brings us to awesome thought provoking conversations here at home. Sometimes its hard for us to keep our comments brief so as not to clog up your site. Your incite into things is always in line with our thoughts and you say it well.

        Liked by 1 person

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