Living (pt.2)

Welcome back and hi to the new for this series. Below is the link for chapter one. And because this series is so serious and needed, I also posted a bridge from pt.1: IE the ending of pt.1. to aid in the assimilation of this important subject.

I recommend the rereading, and in sequence, of this material since it was intended as a 1,600 word plus post (Concept). Feel free to contact me or comment with questions. Should you use my email, give me a heads up on a post that I should go there to view what your communication is. I don’t always visit my email.


Below is the “Bridge” between parts one and two:


You have struck up a compact: A Redemption Drama on a higher scale.

But here we must take a step back…and interpret that vile thing which lies within which governed this compact. For…it is the Innate Void which vestured the mind to compile this Redemption Drama. To be more specific: The Presence of the Innate Void as it impacts our Psyche resources specific reactions from us that we might quieten its significance. Its message must as elicited by a negative external occurrence in our life must be diminished in content for it was intuited by our Soul, our Being due to the external negative occurrence when transpiring alerts us to the presence of the Innate Void, our situation relative to the cosmos: We are fit for discard, waste material, is the Voidal Message, significance.


End of Bridge (above)


Part 2 begins below: First a reference to how the Innate Void affecting our Psyche can have the tables switched by us, the afflicted, the self destructive.


This reaction from within is not a bad thing, we can put this to use.  

You see, this as a template for getting to the bottom of our behavior is more useful than spending years on the Psychologist’s Couch. And to further corral this dilemma with a template…

We don’t go crazy…(contrary to how we have been conditioned to believe)

We are, instead already crazy, of unsound mind. Out of whack. We are, or come into this earthly sphere out of whack.

Will in fact always be of unsound mind for as long as we allow the Innate Void to be our Drive Source. Our Psyche, our Soul will always be compelled to employ Creativity and make such compacts for its use should another negative external event take place (through “Association” the void will be invoked): Be still my Soul for God is on your side. 

Choke. Choke up with tears, for He loves you. Whatever spooked your Psyche as a child, struck up this compact, this self-disabling Redemption Drama to take root in your Being need not be unfurled in detail for the story is older than this Deceiver, this event, this compact, for easily we can disempower this Compact. The Compact was a further abuse of your Psyche by Self. Yes. Further deception. For…

It had this effect on you because you had already been cushioned with a Lie. Simple as that, yup…

And why does the mind, the Psyche require cushioning? Because what that “mythological Book” says is true. We harbor within a fallen state. The Void Innate colors all of existence, all of life. 

It colors all of the living.


The drama of the runaway.

Yes, we are the runaway, running away from the truth, living in the dark. But my, aren’t we the busybody, eh…?

Mind you, it was events which brought about the truth by Lying to us. Oh yeah. First, we were cushioned with a misconception. The misconception of “Nil”.

Sure, yes, Nil. It was nothing having transpired which closeted us into complacency. Though yes, true, if we had our needs met as infants, we, our Psyche was lulled by these events and this speaks volumes, oh yes…

Picture please, contrast at play here, yup, contrast. First, we have Nil which simply means nothing happening. Then we have something, a thing occurring. 

Nothing is contrasted against something, and this is life, living. A sentient being. Thus the Soul begins to tabulate, collect data. Contrast. But here is the simplest formulation for tabulation: The name of the game is to reveal the configuration of “I”, of “Me”, of “We”. IE that we are a carrier of the Void, the Innate Void. 

We are a Voided Creation in need of Repurchase, Redemption and this is why an External Occurrence can trigger a Void Connection, elicit, invoke the Void within. 

Redemption Dramas take place all about us. Unavoidable (no pun intended). All that which we, the Psyche enlists from out of the humongous monstrosity which man has built, all which invades our senses and wraps up our consciousness, especially those things we draw comfort in, find solace in, shelter in, be it music, be it reading, be it the type of friend we acquire, practice we pursue which serve to diminish Anxiety for us and grant us a haven of rest away from the acknowledging of our need as indicated by the Void extant, all these are Redemption Dramas and yes besides these, there are more. 

Things which ig us we avoid. Preferences, etc., all these make up Pastimes, occupations which but serve to lull us away from the true center of Existence, the purpose of living. This life is but for the sole purpose of dealing with the Innate Void and God has dealt with it at the Cross of Calvary, Jehovah Jiri, the provision is there; The Messiah dying in my stead, releasing Life there for me that I might Live beyond this life and here also. 

I have been blessed to see these things, though honestly, at times I don’t know how to express them for your sake, I try. But the best message I can give you is that what I possess, you too can possess. 

You who made a compact in your childhood with the Void Innate, a compact which has you enslaved to living a life of self-destruction, self-disablement end the vicious cycle now, at this moment.

As I have taught in my blog: It is as simple as the Innate Void, should we live out from it…being Mirrored and unavoidably, this is what we contract with, this is our compact made (why we self-destruct). Drama. Redemption Dramas.

Clarity. You need Jesus and not Drama in your life. Don’t attempt to substitute your self-redemption for His (Jesus’) Redemption, for it will but loan “life” to the Death Context of the Innate Void. You will be a dupe, a pawn.

Feel free to peruse my posts for there is much more there, more add ons to this school of thought, more hope for you. This is not bragging my dears.

Thank you sincerely for your being here to read: MAO


I can be reached: at, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida)


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