The Romantic Redemption Drama (Revisited)

First: What is a Redemption Drama?

Blanket Statement: All of our pastimes, our occupations are Redemption Dramas. And why?

Simply put…

We all possess the Innate Void and its contents, its significance is harrowing, so frightening that the human Psyche is impacted to enact Redemption Dramas, IE Set about to counter it as if in a race, a competition. 

This is why we love positive attention directed at us. We are a Void Driven Creation, became so after the outlined “Myth” described as the Fall of man in the “Mythical” Book, the Bible.

The evidence is evident (Evident Evidence, um...).

All that we do is but to identify with and accumulate Value due to the absence of the Life of God forfeited in Adam our progenitor (But of course this is a myth, eh?)

A young man once answered me in reference to this above (All that we do…): “Not  me.” And I thought: “Thank you for proving my point my wanting to be the exception.” Yes, touche’.

We were at odds back then, no longer so. My presence elicited anxiety in him, in order to diminish that anxiety he had to obtain value. Now, back to this subject…

The RRD (title…) is one of the powerful ones. Right up there with Gambling, Sociopathy, Chasing Celebration or Obscurity, “Aberrant Behavior”, Self Destruction, erecting a legend for self, and more.

Yes, acknowledge the little things as described in “Living” (post).

I will explain the reason for the RRD but mind you, though true, hard to swallow. We know that Adam and Eve both forfeited the Life of God as described in the Bible. In a way, they exited there clueless. Though learning from the comfort supplied by the coats of skins the need for Representation, Substitution in order to enter into the presence of God. Worship, yes the first “Works”, fig leaves did not suffice to diminish their anxiety from the presence of the Voided State within but the shedding of the blood of an innocent did, Faith fit this concept, attached itself to it. Pointing towards the Cross to come. Abel learned this as instructed by the Parents.

Cain stuck to works, his own righteousness.

The Void in us comes bearing gifts. 

Trauma and Misconceptions.

Our Psyche has assumed from the Void Innate a handicap among all it bequeaths us. In a nutshell, this is it: God bestowed all the care, the attention he did in the Garden because we possess “Lovability”, we are lovable. This is Voidal and attached to the trauma.

And so it is that when the discipline ensues for the child, infant, his Psyche must reconcile this new attention. The most frightening consideration then, at that time is to think of self as unlovable (though a fiction along with “Lovable”) after the infant change up indoctrination.

Immediately I urge you to take away from this…

The duplicitousness of Dualities.

But due to what we fell back against for support in Eden (Seminally present): IE The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Our Psyche becoming the little gods, Assessors, we work in Dualities.

Our great measuring tape (Duality).

The RRD came out of this misconception and this measure we employ. Yes, this is why it is so hard to overcome a broken heart resulting from a bad relationship. Why little girls now grown up are looking for the daddy (just an example), it all stems from here. Everything it, the presence of the Void, can provoke the Psyche to reinterpret as a Drama, will take place, will supply value and so the Catastrophic pain of the Fall is reduced to the scope of something pedestrian. Yes. But the Pain is real, loud and strong for it belongs to the Void.

Bottom line: The RRD is a Void Guise. Sho ‘Nuff it elicits terrible pain, yup but this pain belongs to the loss of the Life of God, IE it is but mimicking God’s Pain, its supersedence, and giving us a self-import through Drama, a falsehood. 

That music we enjoy, that fetching memory which haunts, yes these are merit badges, all to vest us with Value due to the absence of the Life or in the case of believers, the lack of the filling of His Life, His Spirit, His Healing, His Might, His Power, His Regeneration.


God love you, my Brothers and Sisters, I will try to come back to this topic in my next post. Thanks for your visit, encouraging. And pose questions below, if I can’t answer it there, I promise to write a post just for you. Love: MAO


I can be reached: at, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida)


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