Perhaps More Costly Penny Quotes

These are original in the sense that they are a product of my growing in the Lord (He and I). Except for Agatha Christie’s.

Of course, I have paraphrased Agatha Christie’s quote in order that it fit the color requirements of the Facebook platform (these all come from there).

More Penny Quotes ratcheted up. Enjoy.


The only impediment is “I”, “Me”, ephemeral character, fiction. God will not force his way past that. Willingly will removes it.


Reality is uncreated. Bare facts. Unembellished. This we have confining us, is a product of our Voidedness, our Psyche’s reflex.


Nothing between you and that which you believe. Faith makes its sacredness real, present. Untouchable you become. Unassailable.


Faith: So difficult to describe. So efficaciously it repays one. So swiftly. An unbreakable chain. Make one. Yes!


Times: I’ve had to swallow a response to evil done me. Due to Obligedness, dependency. this same, God expects of me. Humble self.


upon a rock playing a flute, legless. “Do you miss them?” Asked a stranger: “No they were bad” He replied (Agatha Christie)


They take your valuables and curse themselves in the process. Our hold upon them can be a curse to us unbeknownst.


Denuded: Yes stripped of all you possess. A blessing in disguise, and so it can be. Been there. Rebirth. Thank you, Lord.


Deserve/not deserve? Be careful what you awaken, summon with your misconceptions of life and circumstances.


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