Kindling Wood

An old post from Sept 4 2016. I hope you enjoy it.


Watch me burn.

It is not a bad thing, for the dross will be removed. Sadly (I suppose) but not all of it, some. I hope a large some. I want a large sum (of it) to be removed, my Psyche, my self is in the way. The obstruction. Impeding the Spirit of God. So much of self, so much of self, crazy, crazy…..

Memories, yes some of it memories which affection holds dear, and sometimes the imagery which but a child would procure, would summon forth in loneliness and in sorrow. Yet the main body of that which cannot manifest faith for God, discard identification with earthly recognized values, yes those memories upon an altar which does not recognize God, they comprise the things which keep His Spirit at bay. The things which keep my Psyche from being obtained by His Grace, His Love, His Might, His healing. 


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