Coming In Under The Radar (pt.4)

This series originally went up to pt.3 but by special request (, I will continue the series. Below are the first three pts. ============================================================================

The significance of the Title: An individual who poses with a self effacing Persona, shy in appearance, bumbling, awkward. Often labeled as “Humble” yet this is self imposed in order to keep aloft an old pact, a belief system which is the center of their “Value” system which serves to feed an image of self as “Lovable”. They self-disable while under the spotlight, and this is a “separate altar of worship”, a Duality. In a sense, like the double minded man.

In the life of the Christian, this is a form of “Fence Straddling”, the heart is compromised. The Child of God’s heart should be so searched that this pastime is revealed. This should not go unconfessed, unacknowledged. When Conviction begins, so does regeneration begin. It cannot begin without confession. Attribution.

Okay, listen…

Dualities fuel one another. But this use of Duality is not God’s way but a product of man’s Dichotomy, IE the fallen creation. The Soul/Body being. It is a separate altar of worship, IE one is living under the Old, the Adamic province. I will show you why this is so. And…

Mind you…

This creative aspect designed (by the human mind) to fill our hands just like the Priest in the temple filled his hands with offerings for the Altar of God accepting and burning offerings for the sins of the Nation of Israel, yes, this person in enacting this “humble” individual is practicing a system of works. His hopes are purchased by a keepsake, a ritual.

This is important now…

It is meant to (subconsciously) parallel the priesthood by giving us an occupation which is meant to alleviate the conscience. And of course, why is it created, fashioned by the mind?


Yes, it is a product of misconception.

First: Our Father Adam had his Psyche (the Soul/Mind) soothe self with the idea that all the Graces God bestowed upon him defined him as “Lovable”. And this conclusion aforesaid is a big part of our nightmare. Mankind is afflicted with this malady. Pervasive.

Second: As Sons of Adam we carry not only the fallen nature handed down to us but the Trauma of that primordial event. Along with that Trauma comes a bill of goods bought. This bill of goods was fashioned out of Fear. IE, how our Psyche responded to the cavity inherited from Adam. Mind you, that Void Innate is the signification of where we must end up, Waste, Oblivion, Chaos, Nothingness, Discard. Put the following into perspective, please.

Negative or Positive External occurrences…

Draw upon that Void Innate. IE without the Void for a sounding board reference we would not know what is Good or what is Evil.  Yet this ability to assess is the dregs of our Adamic rebellion, betrayal. A Duality. Mind you this defines us as minus the forfeited Life of God. The Theological Little Judges we became after the fall. The assessors, how we set ourselves up as authorities. We must practice this or else the Void bites with a vengeance, it makes itself known, screams louder and louder and our Psyche is pained by what this means. This is the reason for all human Drive outside of God, His Life, His Spirit. 

Now get this: It is one thing to be humble and another to self-disable that one may possess the affectation of humility, depiction, portrayal. 

The aforesaid is crucial. Crucial for Truth. Acquiescence.

You see, the above distinction makes room for the Spirit of God as opposed to the fallen creation attempting to duplicate the Grace and Regenerating Power of God. A mockery, a Satanic insult. Despicable. An Abomination. 

I pray that your minds have felt a connection to what I sought to share with you but not to worry, there will be more. I have spent a few hours (in the study) that I might continue this series in the Spirit it should be resumed in. It is due to this import that I delayed in bringing the remainder of this series to you. God Love you. 

Please return for pt.5

I can be reached: at, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida)


6 thoughts on “Coming In Under The Radar (pt.4)

  1. Great post Miguel and thank you for continuing the series. Oh how both Audrey and me can relate to the fence straddling duality. The journey continues to single mindedness and its just that a journey. We will be back for part 5. We always like feasting on your post.

    Liked by 1 person

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