Insecurity Is My True Name

A reblog of an old “andnowmiguel” post (me blog). 2016 Sept. Enjoy.


Yah insek  yuritee dass maa tru nem

Hep me now, come on and hep me now (I know a place ya’ll, aint nobody cryin…[Staple Singers]).

When we get to the bottom of thangs, we find that our true make up is insecurity. Those of us who function, represent perfection, totally in control, cool cats before the audience, do so due to insecurity. This is why at the end of our days the charade shows signs of deterioration. The last curtain call is the one we are too feeble to make. Corruption sets in. Death calleth unto death.

Since in truth, we function out of death, for within, we are death, it is death which aids us in deriving a perverse pleasure out of things.

Sin lieth at the door.

That’s in that book of myths, of superstitions; The Bible (known as).

Sin lieth at the door.

We see within the…

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