Y Sin Poder Volar (And without the power of flight.)

Yes, this is us. We can punctuate every occurrence in life with this sentence; “Y sin poder volar.” And without the power of flight.

In the song; La Golondrina, the soul looks at the Swallow in flight and makes several observations. First one born of curiosity; “Where is it going?” I think this (observation) is prompted by the wide expanse of sky. Empty. And so does the future for the young appear, Blank, empty. Unknowable. The great unknown.

Suspiracion (suspiration, a sigh).

It has been noted that man fears the unknown, uncertainty. Anxiety is elicited when we find ourselves facing the unknown. This propensity is inherent, and why? The answer is simple really. Actually, man in reference to this is easily quieted by the know-it-all or the scientist stating merely that man needs to be in control. Frankly, this tells us nothing whatsoever. Then it becomes a circle, the worm Ouroboros, chasing its own tail. “Ours is not to reason why but to do or die.” Porque si, because it is so. It is what it is, deal with it. A thing we tell our young. Deal with it. In fact, we reason; Out of this comes greatness.

Truth is that out of this comes futility. And why? Well….

What ever feats are produced from this restriction is pouring forth out of incapacitations, limitations, restrictions: Y sin poder volar. 

And without the power of flight.

To come up with the invention of airplanes itself proceeds from the truth that we ourselves are unable to fly. The inability to fly.

An innateness which hungers for flight. 

In the song, he tells the bird that he will make a nest beside his bed for it to find estacion de descanso. A station of rest. 

In this thought, he likens the bird to self. He finds himself in a friendless region, far away from the place that witnessed his birth. Connection, yes, he makes a connection with the past. A past experienced, but not witnessed. 

Gee, this says how badly we count on one another. How we need witnesses. In this case those from our youth, a comradeship of acceptation. And why? Because we all create the nido (nest) of illusions. of acceptance, the outpouring which seeming unselfish yet is done for the celebration of self, to diminish the waiting anxiety which lies within, the evidence of our true state. 

Recollect, reach within your soul….

“We fear the unknown because secretly we know that it is not unknown but instead it is known.”

But how?: It is intuited.

And so we fear it because of having intuited it, know its meaning. In fact, something in life cemented this for us. Some occurrence in life invoked this monster within, this truth we all run away from and furnish our lives with contradictions so that all we stumble against (our furnishings) will dramatically deny the presence of this monster within. And so we have distractions to take our focus away from this Innate Void. 

A fashioned drama fitted for deniability, a contradiction. Contraposing. 

So if I tell you that this Innate Void is an offshoot from the Biblical Fall of man, that the Bible account is not a fairy tale but instead paradoxically not only truth but the true Science, the true Logic, true Reason, then should you say that the Biblical account is a hoax born out of this sentiment, this sorrow innate, well then….

This is a conundrum. 

Sure, because it happens to be the correct reaction to the Innate Void: IE seek to remedy it by realistically filling it with the Life of God as provisioned at the Cross of Calvary. 

Which is preferable;

To put yourself at the mercy of the Void by fearfully and subject to Anxiety go out and counter what God offers with legends of unsatisfying success, conquest, the acquisition of trinkets, toys which will not appease the hunger, the quest, or….

But stubbornly the great deception lies out there for the most of us (???)….

But I have not known wealth, for me, it will be different: I will be satisfied, fulfilled. 

too bad you think like that.

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Today is the day….

To find the rest in God, in Christ, which will fill the Void. 

In the song he looks at the bird which will be tossed about by the wind (forces, circumstances, restrictions in our case), and thinking of his situation, estranged from his homeland, he sighs; Oh God unlike the Swallow, I am unable to fly. IE if only I could but fly!

The excuse fashions itself that we might imagine greatness. His excuse is that unlike the Swallow, he can’t fly. Distractions offering options, take care, take care….

We find ourselves; Y sin poder volar

Say it with me….

Y sin poder volar.

And without the ability of flight. 

But now go out and do something about it!

Thanks for your visit, I pray you have found something this morning (night?).

I can be reached: at turbans713@yahoo.com, and
https://kingrat1397@gmail.com, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida)


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