Welcome to “And Now Miguel”

These Blogs will be Christian, Philosophical, Revolutionary (Christian Perspective), Deep and profound, providing a never before expressed insight about the Christian walk in Christ. It will demonstrate a perspective on Romantic Love, and represent a Biblical Psychology and so much more.

There doth exist a Biblical Psychology which addresses issues we all share, not exclusively Christian.

They will disperse true enlightenment. Offering a perspective on Christianity which is unusual. You won’t see a lot of Scripture verses, not because I look down on the practice of displaying them, but because the numbering of chapters and verses came in around the 15th century, and I want you to be welcomed into what the Holy Spirit gives me to share, in love, friendship and not to impress you with mental gymnastics of scripture memorization. Throughout you might notice a true logic in analyzation of subjects likely not encountered before. Don’t be put off by my Spanish name, minus Americanizations. I went back to my roots where that is concerned after years of being called Mike, Mickey, Michael, Mick etc. I’ve been in America for 58 years.

Lastly bear in mind that the stuff I bring to the table may be frightening, yet if you stick it out; Healing and Liberating.

Granted, upon reading, you may say to yourself, “Who is this guy?”. Well I’m just a dude who has grown from a great deal of breaking. God has taken themes which I pursued vigorously as a youth and did what my old beloved Pastor said He would; “You know, Mike (me) with all your knowledge and studies, imagine what God can do with you, and your life.”

And so It was that I was enticed to come to know the Lord.

More powah to ya


38 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Mike

    I like you. You have written your introduction well.

    Some of the most beautiful people are those who have suffered a lot. Who have seen hardships and shed tears. John Von Goethe wrote a beautiful verse which was a favorite of Thomas Carlyle who translated it into English from German. I hope you would like it 🙂

    “Who never ate his bread in sorrow,
    Who never wept and wailed thinking for morrow,
    Who never burnt midnight oil,
    Hasn’t known ye, O’ heavenly powers.”


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    1. oqu3

      Thank you Anand for taking the time out from your busy schedule to say these kind words to me and to introduce me to this wise saying. I will make my own copy of it. Yes it is true my friend, that my true friends In this world have been the trials which the good Lord in His infinite wisdom allowed me to partake in. The most treasured memories lay in the folds of those trials. I see that you are a open person Anand, not afraid to say what you feel. Again, I thank you for your kind notice. It is getting to be a delight to hear from you.
      Am now in the process of reading one of your posts. Ma Salamma ya habibi

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      1. Oh I am humbled and honored again. I feel this community has so many beautiful souls like yourself 🙂 Thanks for your kind words, Mike. I look forward to read more of your posts 🙂 Anand

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      2. oqu3

        I found a reply from you dear friend which somehow got pass me. I apologize.
        I honestly don’t see it connected to any particular post but it is a lovely response on your behalf. Thank you for saying such nice things.


    1. You’re quite welcome. I don’t recollect what brought me there. Likely it was some comment you made on another blog post. I’m sure there was some rep of significance, so I know I’m first between the two of us to have good reason, a kindredness in presentation. Looking forward to it.

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    1. Listen, dear, I’m so touched, sincerely, yours is the first nomination I have ever received. I will never forget it. I’m am however compelled to say that I cannot take advantage of the offer. Love your good intention. I don’t accept awards. No I’m not better than those who do, in fact I’m lesser than, I assure you. Sincere apology submitted. Yes, I have a burden for folks who endured what I did with anxiety, and such travail, so I work on that. And yes I want to point a finger to God. Thanks for thinking of me, I remain sincerely yours, itsgoodtobecrazysometimes, and it is good to be crazy.

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  2. Thank you Mike for following Freedomborn, I’m looking forward to our sharing God’s Truth as He leads us, I feel I know you as a Christian Brother in our Unity in Christ Jesus and I very much appreciate your focus.

    I remember as a New Christian feeling very inadequate to share with my very troubled Neighbor about Jesus but when I told my Pastor, he said to me ; God will use what you have Anne and give you what you need and that has been very True especially after asking for His wisdom and empowering when I was very confused years ago, now the Scriptures are like a complete Picture to me not a jigsaw puzzle with parts missing.

    I’m still learning of course as Jesus our only Teacher leads us into all Truth but what He has already shown me I have no doubts about and yes He uses those who also don’t doubt to share His Truth and what is shared will always be confirmed in Scripture or in His Creation and they don’t contradict but sometimes with His reasoning, logic and discernment, we can see His Truth too even if not shown in words but in concepts that are confirmed in Scripture.

    Thank you again Mike – Christian Love – Anne.

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    1. Thank you Anne for communicating, I’m grateful for your words, and thus get to share and know you. It is good to hear the testimony and assurance in your words. In my mind, it is good to know of someone (sure there are many others) in Australia who preaches and has a fellowship in the Lord. Bye for now. And you are welcome for the follow, looking forward to the perusal of your posts.


  3. Thank you for your follow, I am encouraged by your words. I am a new Christain and learning so much this year about the words of God. God has been encouraging me this year to travel further into his word. It is only by a chance meeting, that my life turned around. I have not been well all year, there is a light at the end of the tunnel though. With prayer and faith I am getting there. I have followed in return

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    1. Thank you dear for the return follow. Appreciated. I will be faithful and pray for you. I’m very pleased with my visit to your blog, and stick with what you have started in Christ. In many ways, He will not abandon you. I will keep in touch.


    1. Very kind of you to say so. Pleasure to follow you, such interesting goings on there (plus I forward some stuff to face book for my Grandchildren, IE projects). Best to you also and thanks for visiting my blog as well, will repay visits.

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    1. Thank you so much, for I would, though award free, wish deeply to find more folk who might able to use some of the thoughts I share in an attempt to reach folk who can identify with how I see Anxiety and mental states wish fill us with hopelessness. I thank you again, though I have not yet viewed your mention, will look it up with good expectation. Thanks and much affection, dear, sincerely; MAO

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