Revisiting The Psyche

Hi there, and welcome, whoever you are. Get comfortable for we will journey deep into the comfort zones.

I promise to hold your hand (truly). Follow with no trepidation. I will be a friend (yes). One who withholds no truth (given the time).

Our Psyche has created our universe. The “Conscious” universe.

The created “Conscious” universe is but a hiding place, a comfort zone made up of mere “preferences”. Driven by the Psyche as it is impressed by the Innate Void it is that some of us fight for ideologies which are employed as reasons for us to annihilate one another.

Like little walking toys we stand on the proverbial tilted platform with “truth” defiled and working against us as we proceed like automatons.

Truth is subjective only because our Psyche is impressed by the Void Innate. 

It is due to the presence of the Void that we are conceived as, perceived as a Duality. Yup. One half of this Duality is the Void and the other half is (the Psyche) “me”, I or you. Make no mistake, we are made up of pristineness, incontaminates, divine unpolluted substance. Yet, the Void within as it is Intuited by the Psyche ends up in frightening us (our Psyche) so that we by taking the stand of fear proceed and create falsehoods, ideologies designed, intended to “Diminish this fear”. Diminish Anxiety.

For the most part, it can be said that these (our occupations, pastimes) are “Redemption Dramas”, seeking to contradict the presence of the Innate Void. 

When we experience floods of Anxiety this is merely our Psyche reacting to the Innate Void. A powerful drive source is the Void Innate.

It has no known language yet it is Intuited and interpreted through our Psyche which reacts to its (the Void’s) presence.

And so it is that we create “Reality”.

Yet “Reality” ironically is only real inasmuch as it can be attributable to the Void Innate. And this last is its (IE; Reality’s) only substantial claim to being Real.

To reiterate; Reality is not real but the fact that it is spawned willfully by the Psyche as it gets impacted by the presence of the Innate Void, then it is that this very fact alone is real. 

On your own now, having read all this, if you have been provoked to thought, you begin to see all the possibilities the mind can be laid open to.

If the human mind of the reader can put this last into perspective then you’ve only just begun. Except for those not new to my posts. 

Further, and Paradoxically, yes…

All this common sense which I have presented to you is born of the Word of God. And why so? Because there is an understanding of the mind of man housed within the Bible.

I know, the Churches do not teach this with these words. Nonetheless, it is there in the Word.

The Void Innate is a product of the Fall of man (Adam) from whom we are descended (Voided) not fit for God’s Original Intent. To live with Him and enjoy Him Forever.

Redemption dramas are what we enact as we go through life intuiting the Void. All designed to diminish the Anxiety brought on as our Psyche intuits the “Significance” for the presence of the Innate Void.

Which significance testifies that we are “Void”, empty, nothing and headed for Discard as we are Waste Material. The proof of the pudding is in our reaction, Psychically to the Presence of the Void Innate.

For those of you who suffer from Anxiety; Yes, the Void Innate was brought home to you by a negative external event (likely when you lacked communication skills), and this connection (Void Connection) is the cause of what appears to be an irrational consuming ailment. But of course when contrasted against this “Reality” is that it is concluded to be “Unfounded”. How else would it not be assessed by an unreasonable taskmaster such as a reality fabricated out of a Void inspired paranoia? 

Thank you for your time, and should this post be overbearing, too much, I invite you to go through my past posts for more substance.

You are in my prayers. All you require is some guidance to succeed. For me, Christ has accomplished that. Time is all you need. Assign yourself some new priorities.

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Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida)


Void Counter

This is an award-winning post which never got the award. Humpf.
It was a short time ago when published but I boldly republish it now. Enjoy. It really is an uncannily fun post.


My Tag, nickname, a little after I hit my teens, was “King Rat”. It was better than an umbrella in the rain, a warm coat worn in freezing cold, a delicious and satisfying meal for a moment of starvation, a can of whoop ass when the bullies appear……

You catch my drift.

The Void is mighty within us, no exceptions. Things like tags that we come up with are Void Counters. Created and designed to keep our Voided State at bay.

Yes, they are creative, but nonetheless, they reveal us as countering the Void’s Presence. 

AS I have striven to alert you; Within, deep inside, and painfully we are all Voided. Not fit for God’s original intent. Yes, that thing which we say is a creation of our imagination; God.

But we only want to believe that because believing it too serves to keep the Void at bay. The effigy…

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Crusades, Banners, And Themes

Billions of tiny Violins played between the thumb and forefingers featuring themes of “Pity Me”. And why? Because we need to expiate “A Sorrow”.

Perhaps we feature….

A religious cause. We feature such yet that is just a front. A representational front which sheafs our true source of regret, of pain. And sometimes what we legitimize as the cause of our hurt what “Isn’t” and instead is an illustration, an insignificant contribution. A fabrication of our Psyche.

Impulsive, quick to jump on a bandwagon. Such as a fierce hatred of a political thematic representative. Just like we pick, favor a cause. Mere Role Play which suits us gives us purpose. We find a place in the cosmos of “Signification”. Deluded yet further. 

Yet all the time the source for all this, the same source which dictates assignment for us one and all is how our Psyche is impacted by the lurking all-powerful (where our instincts are concerned….) Innate sensational Void.

Yes, what race I am, what race you are, what my political inclinations are, whether los zapatitos me aprietan, las medias me dan calor (Spanish nursery rhyme; My shoes are tight, and my socks are too warm) as it turns out all these things are but to give voice to the Innate Void with which we enter this earthly sphere. 

In truth, there is always the Bottom Line. 

Something is always amiss within.

This is the source drive for all we engage in. And quite dismissively all the paths we choose are preferential, yes, according to our indoctrinations. 

Clannish, yes clannish indoctrinations, passed down and protected by preference familial. And reshaped by whims of counterparts at times because the little god of perfection inspired us to Do Better than those who would instruct us, judge us, assess us, they whom we trusted for guidance. 

And due to grievances, to observations we build up, to disappointments, we determine to go out and do better, enact a different version of “Them”.

See post “UTM/ITU”, You Test Me/I Test You. You will find that “All things in life assess us, as we are Void Driven”. (

A great source of Anxiety.

With the knowledge provided by these thoughts, we can conclude that Life as we know it is no less, no more than a pantomime. And this thought Hurts, yes is sorrowful and painful.

While we thought all of our experiences Defined us, vestured us with great import and purpose.

So then, to what can we attribute this great big chaotic mess?

Why, yes, we can attribute this to that book which chronicles a “Myth”; The Bible, yes!

A further word of warning; What it safeguards is not Religion, no, it is actually “Life”, a newer thing than we would ascribe to its significance. 

Because if I am a Void inhabited creature motivated to fill a great emptiness, sadly seeking to leave a “Legacy” for purposes of Identification Value (an illusion) that I might ease the Psyche as impacted by the presence of the Void Innate, then it is time indeed that I resourced the solution, God’s answer for resourcing His Life. 

Ease the Psyche as it is impressed by the Innate Void or….

Take a step in the Substantial direction, where the Void is filled by True Life.

A perfect time of year to do this indeed!

Finally, an opportunity to start afresh, cast all my cares upon Him for he cares for me.

He showed it through His Son Jesus Christ. 

Thank you for your visit here. Sincerely; MAO

If you wish more info then speak up. Comfort yourself by reading more posts if need be but remember, it begins in the heart, rebirth, the filling and transformation is a personal thing taking place in your heart. Merry Christmas my loves. 

I can be reached: at, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida)

Depression And The Void (pt.6)

Welcome back to this resourceful series. 

I have been absented from it since Aug 25/17. I fear due to the prolonged absence that I won’t be able to finish it in this installment. Below are the previous links if you have not been here for the beginning. ======================================================================= ===========================================================================

We begin pt.6

All that we recognize as facts in this existence, in daily concourse, are fabrications of the human Psyche as it is impacted by the Innate Void.

We are, have been powerless to change this as stated here. Because we sleep on this fact, this Truth. Sadly, it is the propensity of the human Psyche to be impacted by the Void Innate which makes us susceptible to this fabric of reality as created by our Psyche; IE We are made the more attached to this unreality due to the initial response by our Psyche to the Innate Void. 

Intuiting the presence of the Void is just too harrowing due to why it lies within us.

So the role of Victim is perpetuated in our lives. Held hostage by the Void through our Psyche.

So, what does this have to do with Depression?

We enter this sphere with the Void Innate. The Void when elicited through a negative event, occurrence, affects our Psyche profoundly. This can have occurred whilst even we lay in the womb. IE; The invoking of the Void merely needs a nudge, no social indoctrinated language is essential, and why is this so?

This is so because of the Truth, the significance of the Void, why it is there within us, supersedes all man-made logic. And so language falls victim to the presence of the Void Innate.

The Void is an ordinate immutable. A vicious kick in the belly by a force outside the womb will invoke the dark sphere ascribed as the Void to the Consciousness of the unborn and so now the Psyche is loaded with a Void Connection sensitive to other events which may subjectively and associatively disinter such historic darkness. Such an event which is Felt yet given no substance by our Psyche (as in language cover) except that of sensation, emotional in substance. 

Your acquaintances may see this (your floods of associated Anxiety) as illogical, unreasonable But just like your reaction is a product of conditioning so is the accounting of their responses. You see, all a matter of conditioning and preferences. 

Our reasoning, shrouded by indoctrination, and conditioning cannot be trusted. Precisely because it is a product of the Psyche as it is impacted by the Void within. IE tiers and tiers of reasoning erected by the Psyche as it is impacted by the Innate Void’s presence merely to act as the anchor hoping to safeguard an illusion of Saneness.   

Call it cosmic if you like. I call it God.

And do not be intimidated by this last remark for being intimidated reveals more ignorance than that which one would attribute to the believing individual.

The reason and purpose of Intuition as a faculty….

The Void needs no language, no fanfare, no introduction except that of “Like” being ascriptive. To be more precise “Alike”. That is to say that it naturally is invoked by any similar occurrence; IE catastrophic, negative, frightening, and more (following these criteria).

Just as this is the reason for all disablement, where we are rendered, paralyzed, ineffective and depending on the event, even catatonic. This is why Anxiety is so overwhelming and precisely why often it when it takes over, seems to follow no man attributable “Reason”, logic.

Please be so kind as to return to pt.7 and I will unravel the more this miasma of confusion. Keep in mind we created the confusion due to our Psyche’s fear of the Innate Void.

I can be reached: at, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida)

Investment Indulgences

We tend to bring about our own hurt, our own disappointment. 

Yes, and even the Grifter, the Con person jumps to take advantage of this propensity among us. Ironically there is a duality to our needing to invest. To believe the Con. On the one hand, we fulfill the Void in trusting the Con person, the manipulator (pedestrian everyday person) on a smaller scale. By the latter, I refer to those who want something from us who don’t overtly practice manipulation and even believe their hooey, well-intentioned. Self-deceived. Some romantic relationships.

Yes, Shakespeare’s poor actor doesn’t have a clue.

To continue the first paragraph; You see Innately, though unbeknownst to us, we, due to the possession of the Voided State, are without evidence of hope. The presence of the Void testifies to this. And as a part of Drive, though it inhabits our Psyche, it must be mirrored. One of its biggest evidence of manifestation is “Purpose”, us merely occupying can only produce seed of its presence. And so it is that us investing in the schemes of those who would defraud us is the bit part to be played for the Conman, for the liar, the abuser. This is the vesture of those who keep picking losers, and abusers.

This is the roleplay loaning us purpose, while yet giving us security in a role, fitting in, it is merely a role which gives Voice to the presence of the Void Innate. For the individual who lends investment to this sorrowful end where one is duped, mishandled, taken advantage of we see in it the banner of; “At least kiss me when you blank me”. Crude I know but nonetheless honest words which describe our inherent darkness, our Innate Death. We need not lose sight of the truth.

So to walk away from the above situation having played a part is to walk away with purpose required by the Innate Void, IE the “Kiss” to remain our lot for having been taken, deceived.

Crazy and amazing is it not? How crucial is “purpose” to us merely that which attempts to usurp the role of the absented Life of God! And this is what it culminates in. 

This is but one of the ails due to us, in Adam our Father having forfeited God’s Life, winding up owing God a Life. The aforesaid is easily misinterpreted in the confusion, the modern day view of the Bible. The perspective we have been granted in this modern day of what its representatives strive to sell. Yes indeed, but chaos is what remains to us. A lot has been blurred, buried. Disempowered.

So needing Value we are led to the wrong concerns. Everything is contriving to fill our hands with empty pastimes, occupations which require reassessments on our behalf.

The Christian truly needs to be wise as a Snake and harmless as a Dove.

Matthew 10:16

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

And so, perhaps you see that it is our Voided State that makes it easy for us to fall prey to those who would take advantage of us.  

And we become the pawns of “Good Intentions” as we place self solely into the care of the con Person.

I told you before that “good intentions” will leave us bereft, barren simply because the equation obligates itself to but fulfill the Void and not the Spirit of God. 

Good intents are like penances. Works, like when Adam and Eve sewed fig leaves to hide their nudity and the guilt it conspired to bring preoccupatively to the fore of the mind. Instead, God slaughtered two Innocents. Producing their skins for Cover of the exposure, the nakedness of the human conscience. Dressing Adam and Eve with those skins. A foreshadow of Christ the Lamb of God. The Propitiation of the sins of the whole world. 

So then, what is at issue here?

Your trust equals your faith and Satan has things in placement designed to steal your aspirations, your hopes, your preoccupations. Our goal, therefore, is to save those hopes for Christ.

Value the investments of our heart and reserve them for God, for Christ. Otherwise, we are pawns of “A system of works, anti-God works.” Remember; The fig leaves sewed did nothing for Adam and Eve’s Anxiety. ===========================================================================

I can be reached at, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Facebook

Discarding Damnation And Doom (pt.3)

Below are the links to the previous chapters; ===========================================================================

Let’s begin pt.3


About Duality; 

Strive to see, to understand that when we set out to counter an abhorred thing, an unpreferable indictment with the opposite of its representation, its essence, its meaning “Ironically” what we indulge in is nonetheless a manifestation of that Negatively viewed affecting concept, that Ideology. Yes, this is a fact of the workings of life. An established ordinate. Immutable truth.

So it behooves us to but familiarize self with that, the context of that driving ideal!

The Picture relative to this phenomenon….

This can be summed up in; Us responding to a negative representational theme through its counterpart, its opposite has been unavoidably demonstrated to be then, the product of that very thing we wish to discount, to discredit. 

This is management. How we respond to a situation. We, therefore, possess the illusion that we are not only resourceful but individualistic, creative in our post as directors, leaders. 

Kind of smug, self-satisfied.

So, now, why have I taken this time to point this out? Eh?

In relation to this subject as put forth by this Post? Eh?

This post is talking about an accompanying sense of doom which taints all of our projects, all we lay our hands to enact, a provisional answer to the negative darkness we are privy to.

So, we are faced with recourse, resources. What to do? How should we respond in an intelligent manner? I want you to understand a cruciality. Oh yes!

All those “Persons” who stand at the gate of “Knowledge” professing to be “scientific” in their anti-faith discourses, anti-God discourses may very possibly be subjects of disappointments, responding out of hurt, out of a snake bite, a negative experience with the idea of “god” (little g). Little g because what they strike back at is a misrepresentation (their very manifested concept of God).

So in essence, this upright individual, pillar representational bulwark is using a talisman in the hopes that it will suffice, carry them through the minefield of Faith, of reverence. IE: A summary garland of superstition about their necks to aid in repelling this thing they chose to do battle with, out of disappointment. 

This acquaintance (at work), when I was a young man, a very intelligent fellow, vituperated, railed against God in my presence when an 85-year-old Grandma expired.

Railed against an appendix in general for it had burst.

This person, putting aside all the romantic representation, Grandma was a fortification, pristine imagery in his life, an ideal which aided in validating him, identifying him with familial substantial value (IE; affection, emotion). But man, 85 years old, gee whiz, perhaps she needed to rest. Don’t use such an occasion to blame God. Thank Him instead, for the years you had to spend with Grandma. Show God that you know He is wise, and all powerful, wisely in charge.

God forbid we should be unwise Stewards of Time and experiences. 

In His forbearance, He has been Gracious enough to Give, to bequeath us with space and attention, a consideration not shown to His Angels, for example, but to us instead, humankind.

Often I have found in life that the easiest response is the one we should guard against.

So, yes, we tend to live out of our Voided State. Out of the Doom, we exude. That accompanying death which is our lot as sons of Adam. Voided, no longer fit for God’s Original Intent.

But having God uppermost then we can see that the Innate Void should not run our lives in counter to God but instead, its presence should point us to God. Not conduct a stage for drama which is what we have allowed it to do across time. 

We require His Filling, His Life that we might truly enjoy His Grace, His Love, this very existence, this sphere. This fleshly corporal sphere which we are subject to in body and mind. The presence of that Void in us, that Doom, and damnation intends to produce all we set out to accomplish. So as it turns out….

Only His filling, His dominant life entrenched in us can transform our Configuration. 

Can make this transient circumstance Glorious and rewarding for us. Look what my walk with Him has done for me. I was a very successful thief, a President of a street gang in the Bronx when just 16 years of age. I was a failure as a provider at the home entrusted to me, resulting in the loss of respect from my mate which ended up in Adultery, a betrayal that I might discount my identification with representational role play, that I might hunger for something else, something otherworldly. This was His Call to me. Stripping me of all that would anchor me to the ideals of this earthly sphere. You see me now after all my illusions died Carrying my Cross in the attempt to follow Him.

I know, how your mind immediately races to sum up my experiences in a different light.

To discredit my propounded perspectives. But just remember that you are responding, then, from out the Voided State as sons of Adam. Manifesting Doom and Death. Having chosen death.

You are trapped and there is only one choice. Choose God instead for Health, for Healing, for Life. This then is the perfect time of year if you understand your options. 

Do not for one moment consider all the negative representations you have seen of God but instead, think upon the Positive examples He has wrought in the lives of some.

Don’t weigh yourself down with facts, so-called which you think you have searched out for those will be your lucky charms among which you find you have made your bed. God will have no choice but to reject those as he did Cain’s offering as it did not fill out the requisite of Innocent Blood, the innocent representative, the Substitute found in Christ, Innocent. 

Trust and Faith are transformed, negotiated into the Substantial when abounded by the Treasury established in Jesus Christ. 

Why would I count on my laurels when Christ brings an abundance to enliven me with entry. With acceptance.

This is the only Duality which counts; Death or Life, all other are but distractions, insignificant. Really living as provisioned by The Father in His Son, Jesus Christ. 

Thank you for your lovely company. Sincerely and inasmuch as He Loves me, I feel privileged to love you. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.  ===========================================================================

I can be reached at, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Facebook

Discarding Damnation And Doom (pt.2)

Below is the link to pt.1 ===========================================================================

Now we begin….

Some of us carry about a sense of Doom (the very words used at the start of the first chapter).

I was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck and sideways. Or rather, this was my position inside the womb e’er I emerged. This was my first embrace by the Innate Void. This cast the configuration, the makeup of the Void upon my being, brought it home to me. You see, point is that we “Intuit” stuff, yes we do. The Mystic says that “Words Fail”. And there is a good reason for taking this stance. I have a post, “The evil of words” which would go part of the way towards adding some substance to this.

Words are not the only tools of communication we possess. The Void Innate was invoked for me during that horror in the womb. What could have been reasonably experienced was turned into an exacerbating one. All negative events invoke the Void. In this case, a darkness to walk with me.

This rider was to color many things, many experiences for me. The Void is always present in everyone. They who deny this have already lived some to contradict its presence, IE driven by it. The Void also attached itself to me when seduced by an older sister I thought I was in love. I know this frightens you. But….

I’ve known people who kick me down as if I had anything to do with that situation. This is what indoctrinations bring about. It is hard to understand that both, Good and Evil launched preferential and biased thinking. Now, yes, it is true that we must not start revolutions and discard it all. No.

Besides, I speak of the Biblical Fall, seeking independence from the Creator.

Learning is important but not foolishness.

Wisdom comes from God.

Our blood is tainted as we come from Adam and Eve. But for the moment, listen….

Those things I speak of tainted my life. The best sense made out of it came about much later for me.

I carried about a sense of doom with me. The opposite sex, romance, relationships elicited that sense of doom. I am a heterosexual male. However, when contemplating a romance, the Void invoked from custom (events before) choked me, my being. What to do?

What to do when you’re stymied, under a conviction that a thing is doomed to fail. Flooded with anxiety. Stunted. How to act, how to behave. Doomed from the start.


I would start a romantic relationship and quit it for no apparent reason that the world could discern. Laugh because some actually thought I might be easily turned to the “Gay” side. And you know what is funny? Had the Educational system been what it is today I may have had a hard go of it really. Finding it difficult to find real value in the sexual identity forum. Ha. And add another ha.

Please return to pt.3.

Thanks for being here.  ============================================================================ I can be reached at, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Facebook